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Like we always say, lawyers are more like doctors who also have their very specific specializations. This is true even in the case of an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Being a lawyer for personal injury cases is already a more specific niche. But there are more to this category than what meets the eye. For instance, there’s an Atlanta auto accident attorney who specializes in vehicular accidents and there’s also the Atlanta medical malpractice attorney for that kind of injuries. Of course there are more kinds than just the mentioned. That’s why when dealing with a personal injury case, you are assured that there’s a special attorney to handle your case. In this series of articles, we will be dealing with those kinds. As a potential client, you’ll know what to expect when looking for a professional. Contents What Can an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Do? Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney Difference of Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Filing Tips for Social Security Claims More Personal Injury Attorney Social Security Lawyers Articles Choosing an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

What Can an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Do?

It’s not secret that you can also defend yourself on court—in case the incident will go as far as that. If not, you can always do the negotiation yourself. How hard can it be? Truth is, it can be a lot harder than you think. The other party will never make it easy on you and will always decide on his advantage. Worse, insurance companies will meddle and do everything in its power to give you as little compensation as possible. Now comes an Atlanta auto accident attorney. An Atlanta accident attorney is specifically trained and experienced to work for your advantage. This professional can help you big time. Many victims of accidents think that a $5,000 compensation for the damages is okay. A lot of them are not aware that they are getting ripped off, that they are actually abused because of lack of knowledge about the law. An Atlanta auto accident attorney is there to make sure that you will be getting the right compensation that you deserve. You will be surprised about how much your case is worth. It could be enough to not worry anymore about your car repair, medical bills, and fund for yourself and family despite having no work for weeks. As the victim, you also need to do your part by taking notes of the incident, taking photos, and collecting as many documents as possible. Your cooperation on this matter is very important. It is highly suggested to take all the recommendations that the Atlanta accident attorney is asking you to do. Top

Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney

Unknown to many, personal injury law in Atlanta does not only consist of vehicular accidents. So expect that besides an Atlanta auto accident attorney, there’s also an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney. As the name implies, this professional is specially trained and experienced for accidents within the scope of medicine like wrongful death, emergency room errors, medication errors, defective drugs, defective medical devices, errors on surgery and anesthesia errors, and brain injury. Every injury that is caused by a professional in the medical field and related to his work is considered medical malpractice. What makes an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney special is that he is handling cases that are far more complicated. Cases usually involves facts that, when ignored by the common eye, will only affect negatively the victim’s side. So if the injury or accident is medical, do not call just any Atlanta personal injury attorney but a medical malpractice specialist. He knows a lot better than just any personal injury lawyer out there. Top

Difference of Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

You may be asking what’s the difference of getting an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney? An Atlanta bankruptcy attorney may also be capable of defending you. Heck, even an Atlanta divorce attorney can be of help. But nothing is better for personal injury than the Atlanta personal injury attorney. As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, attorneys have specializations. An Atlanta bankruptcy attorney is the best help when filing for bankruptcy, but he’s only second-rate for personal injury cases. The same goes for an Atlanta divorce attorney. He’s the best for filing divorce cases, but not with injury cases. The difference in terms of performance is vast. Just imagine hiring a plumber to fix your cabinet. Expect an inferior quality of work as compared to hiring a carpenter for the job. The same thing will happen when hiring an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney to deal with personal injury cases. Why settle with an Atlanta divorce attorney or any other lawyer for that matter if the state has a lot of good personal injury lawyers for the case? Top

Filing Tips for Social Security Claims

We’ve already mentioned that one of the jobs of an Atlanta personal injury attorney is to get a reasonable claim for your suffering. A lot of people are wondering if hiring a pro is necessary even when that insurance agency is the Social Security. Sure it is. In fact, we have here personal injury attorney social security lawyers tips when filing for your claims. The first step in getting the benefits from countless of years of giving your contribution to the Social Security is filing for that claim. This very first step doesn’t require an Atlanta personal injury attorney. But it will be helpful if you have one beside you. The lawyer can check your claims to make sure that your document is complete. He can also help you get better compensation for the injury. Basically, you will need the names, addresses, and contact information of the doctors, hospitals, and therapists involved in your treatment. Also include the patient ID, names of the medicines, medical records, workers compensation, and your savings account number. The complete list is really, really long that you will only end up being confused, unless if you have spent a considerable amount of time studying the ins and outs, which will be very time consuming. This is not only one of the personal injury attorney social security lawyers tips, but a good advice from someone who isn’t in any way connected with any attorney in Atlanta. As much as possible, get help from a pro even when claiming from the Social Security. Top

More Personal Injury Attorney Social Security Lawyers Articles

Whether hiring an Atlanta personal injury attorney or not, you need to always arm yourself with the information necessary for a winning case. Start by reading more personal injury attorney social security lawyers articles online. Among the frequently asked questions is what you need to bring to prove your disability. Some of the documents are already mentioned above. But the most important is to bring your earnings record. This is where the institution will decide how much you should get. Second, you need to prove that you are incapable of gaining the same income because of your disability. Take note that your education, age, work experience, and mental/physical limitations are also considered. Now for the more interesting part…what if you hire an Atlanta personal injury attorney? How much will be paid to the pro? The good thing when dealing with personal injury lawyers is that you don’t have to pay them anything unless you win the case. They typically get their payment per commission. Typically, it’s only 30% of the total compensation that you will be getting. This works for both parties because they will be encouraged to work harder to get higher compensation. Higher compensation for you means higher commission for them. And of course, it will be good for you, too, because you will be getting the best compensation possible. There must be more questions in your mind like how long will the social security benefit will last. In this issue, it depends largely on your condition. If you’re capable of working again, then it makes sense that the compensation will stop. In most cases however, you will either get an open award, which continues until your retirement age, or a closed award, which ends when you have finally recovered from the disability. Working with an attorney will enlighten you about more issues regarding compensation from Social Security. So it really pays to choose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable working for this case. That’s why in the question of do personal injury attorney, social security lawyers also follow the same scheme, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Top

Choosing an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

We’ve already mentioned that most lawyers are okay about getting paid only if you’re getting compensation. But not all attorneys work this way. Some will still ask for a regular professional’s fee. The good thing about this is that you will usually get a much higher compensation since the fee will most probably be a lot lower as compared to the possible compensation. Obviously, the risk on this is that getting an incompetent attorney. So our suggestion is to stick only with lawyers that offer a per-commission payment. Sure you might get lower, but you will never run the risk of spending for something not worth it. Also, offering commission based payment is a way for attorneys to display their confidence on their skills and experience. Now how can you choose a lawyer? Our suggestion is to always go with someone who is comfortable to work with. Remember that you will be involved in the personal injury case. A bad partnership will never yield a fruitful reward. If you are not comfortable, then walk away and find another Atlanta personal injury attorney. Besides the comfort and the payment scheme, also check the lawyer’s portfolio. Although not paid upfront, but there will be expenses for the processing alone. That is not to mention the time that will be spent on this case. It will be a battle with time and emotion. So being careful when choosing a professional to work with is a wise move. Being in a personal injury case only means that you have been wrongfully injured and that incident led to loss of property and capacity for you to earn for a living. It’s justice to get well compensated for all your sufferings. Don’t just get anyone for your needs. Hire a competent lawyer that can protect your dignity in front of the court. While there are so many out there, there will only be one Atlanta personal injury attorney who’s best for your case. Top

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