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Proven Ways Lawyers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn – The National Law Review


Proven Ways Lawyers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn
The National Law Review
Use the same keywords and phrases prospects would use to search for an attorney in your practice area on Google. Sometimes just where you went to college or law school can drive business or referrals to your firm. I know plenty of attorneys who have …


Debevoise Loses Intellectual Property Group Chief to DOJ – The American Lawyer


Debevoise Loses Intellectual Property Group Chief to DOJ
The American Lawyer
A stint as a federal prosecutor in a busy district has long been a ticket into Big Law’s partnership ranks for ambitious young lawyers. The average age for assistant U.S. attorneys is a relatively tender 47, according to Yale Law School figures. At 60


EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Used Email-Monitoring Company Linked to Her Personal Lawyer – Breitbart News

Breitbart News

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Used Email-Monitoring Company Linked to Her Personal Lawyer
Breitbart News
Clinton’s use of the MX Logic program, an open secret in some tech circles, is confirmed by a search for her address “” on a domain name information directory. CBS News noted in passing in March that Clinton started using MX Logic in



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Professional Private Investigation Resources And Databases Here For Anyone To Use. Find Out The Truth Today. Easy And Powerful.
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Identity Crawler – Online Investigations.

Get Anything On Anybody. When In Doubt, Check Him Out. These Are The Tools Used By Licensed Private Investigators.
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Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers – How to Quickly Find Them in 10 …

Are you planning to file bankruptcy but you’re not sure if you can afford to employ a lawyer? Everyone who is in bad debt problem would like to know how to find a cheap bankruptcy lawyer. Well, here’s how to do it in ten minutes or less.

Online Resource #1:

Use Yahoo! Local located in

Key in the search phrase “cheap bankruptcy lawyers” in the first search field. Then key in your location on the second box and click the “Search” button or press “Enter”. Yahoo! will then give you a result of attorneys that matches your search term. You will also see a map with markers on it. Click any of the marker and you will see the actual web site address, phone number, and local address . You can also perform the above procedure using Google Maps located in

Online Resource #2:

LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell Attorney Network located in

This is LexisNexis’ online version of Martindale-Hubbell comprehensive lawyer directory. Under Step 1, key in your zip code. You need to click the [+] sign for Bankruptcy under the “All Areas of Law”. It should expand, now select “Consumer Bankruptcy” and click the “Search” button. You should have your list of consumer bankruptcy lawyers. If the list is too few, then you can use the zip codes of adjacent cities near you.

Online Resource #3:

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) located in

This is a exclusive organization dedicated to serving the needs of consumer bankruptcy attorneys and protecting the legal rights of consumer debtors in bankruptcy. When you visit the home page of NACBA, click the “Find attorneys near you!” banner located at the right sidebar. After the search page loads, key in your hometown or city and state in the search box. You must choose one radio button under the “Location (within)” label, for example 20 miles. Click the “Search” button. It should give you a location map with markers and a list of lawyers and law firms that are inside the area coverage that you selected. If the list is too many, you can narrow down the results by selecting a smaller area coverage under the “Location (within)” label, for example 5 miles.

Some Warning On Choosing A Bankruptcy Attorney

An attorney can either represent the creditor or the debtor. Make sure the bankruptcy attorney that you are getting is a “pro consumer” and not a “pro creditor.” Remember that bankruptcy is not an easy matter, you do not want your attorney to miss the intricacies and complexeties that could save you money and property in the long run. Never assume that free or cheapest is better. Experience always counts.

A Quicker Solution:

Are the above procedures too difficult for you? If you do not have enough time to call and visit bankruptcy lawyers then try the simple 3-stage process of finding cheap bankruptcy lawyers. Check the instructions on how to easily locate your low-cost bankruptcy attorney using a free service located at

How to Choose a Ny Traffic Attorney

This article attorney directory will help motorists with a New York traffic ticket select the right NY traffic lawyer to defend them. Traffic tickets, such as speeding, red light and failure to signal, can result in points on your New York driver license, automobile insurance increases and fines, surcharges and fees. Therefore, picking the right New York traffic ticket attorney is critical.

More and more motorists are retaining a New York traffic ticket lawyer when they are issued a NY traffic ticket. In addition to receiving professional advice from a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney, drivers are anxious to transfer this stressful and time-consuming responsibility to someone else.

The first thing that you should do is make sure you are calling or emailing an actual New York traffic ticket attorney or New York traffic law firm. While this sounds obvious, the internet is replete with non-lawyers trying to make a quick buck. The most obvious tell-tale sign is when the site or the site’s ad states something like “If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay 100%” or “Guaranteed or your money back”. It is entirely unethical for an attorney to guarantee results and, therefore, you should stay clear from such quick buck artists. No honest, self-respecting attorney would ever make such a representation. In fact, common sense dictates that no one can guarantee what some third party (a judge or prosecutor) will do. If you are lucky, the fine print will explain what is actually being “guaranteed”. Either way, however, is caveat emptor – buyer beware – for those fooled by such promises.

Similarly, I recommend avoiding any web site that lists itself as a directory of traffic lawyers or offers to find you the “right” lawyer. Those sites are simply middlemen often looking to add something to your fee for generating a lead to a real traffic lawyer. From the outset until the end of the case, you want to be dealing directly with a law firm (not some middleman) especially if a question or problem arises.

If you have any doubt, check the physical location of the “firm”. If they do not have a New York State address (or do not even list an address), there is a good chance that you are not dealing with an actual lawyer or law firm. A New York traffic lawyer is required to list his office address attorney directory on all advertising which includes his or her web site.

On this point, make sure the lawyer’s office is “real”. This means there is a staff member of the lawyer available during regular business to answer questions and arrange for an attorney to get back to you, if needed. Do not mistake an answering service operator for an actual law firm employee. If the “representative” cannot answer basic questions and tells you that someone will get back to you, then you are likely dealing with an outside answering service. An attorney who does not maintain a “real” office cannot be as responsive to your needs and, therefore, is not recommended.

Yet another consideration is how promptly does the lawyer or his firm got back to you once you have made your initial inquiry. The faster the response, the more likely you are speaking to an attorney or firm who is organized, and will be diligent and thorough in handling your case.

Once you have eliminated the middlemen, directory sites, non-lawyers and the lawyers without real offices, the next step is to find an attorney who is experienced in vehicle and traffic law matters. Start by asking the attorney or the firm’s paralegal about the firm’s traffic law experience and, in particular, their previous experience at the court where you case is scheduled. Have they appeared in this court before? What was the result? Is this the primary type of law which they handle? Of course, you may not get honest or direct answers but that is a good start.
You then can ask about any articles the lawyer has written on that subject and ask to see one of them. Chances are an attorney who has taken the time to write one or more vehicle and traffic law articles is someone who you can rely on to be experienced and knowledgeable.

Yet another important item to check is the attorney’s background. Did he or she graduate from a quality law school, were they on Law Review, have they won any awards, did they previously work at a court and/or large law firm. Were they formerly a traffic judge or traffic prosecutor? The more impressive the attorney’s background the better.

Be wary of an attorney who does not set forth his or her education and prior experience. It is safe to assume that in such cases the attorney’s background is less than impressive.

Another important consideration is the comfort level you get when speaking with the law firm. Were they responsive to questions? Were you given understandable and sensible answers? Were they knowledgeable? Were they honest with you about the prospects for success? Were they patient? If you do not feel comfortable, then its time to make another telephone call.

A good and honest traffic ticket lawyer will inquire whether it even makes sense for you to fight this ticket and/or hire a traffic lawyer. For example, if the ticket carries no points or you have an out-of-state license and points do not transfer, it usually does not make sense to hire a New York traffic ticket attorney.

The final consideration is price. I have ended with this important item because many prospective clients put way too much emphasis on this consideration and ignore all the others mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, you should look for an attorney that will take your case for a flat fee. This way there is no surprises for you when the case is over. Many New York traffic ticket lawyer will offer a flat fee so you do not have to settle for someone who charges by the hour or cannot give you a fee upfront.

Also, just because one attorney is a $100 (or so) cheaper does not mean you should select that one. Your driver license is an important privilege and you do not want to hand this responsibility to just anyway, especially when you likely will not be in court when the case is resolved.

I would say you generally do not want the cheapest lawyer to handle your case nor the most expensive. Look for someone whose fee is reasonable. Otherwise, the old adage “You get what you pay for” may rear its ugly head.

Choosing the right New York traffic ticket lawyer is an important decision. I hope this article is helpful in making it.

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