auto accident injury lawyer

auto accident injury lawyer

auto accident injury lawyer

auto accident injury lawyer
auto accident injury lawyer

Jury Awards $67 Million to Passenger Paralyzed in Chain Reaction Auto Accident –

Jury Awards $67 Million to Passenger Paralyzed in Chain Reaction Auto Accident
Attorneys for defendants Robert Earl Sims and Weatherford argued the driver of Arnold's vehicle, who made the U-turn, was responsible for causing a chain reaction collision. Furthermore, the defense argued that Arnold was not wearing a seat belt

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James R. Moyles Automobile Accidents Law Blog on – Blog (blog)

James R. Moyles Automobile Accidents Law Blog on Blog (blog)
The greatest risk for injury occurs when children are approaching or leaving the school bus in what is called the school bus danger zone. The danger zone is the ten foot area surrounding the bus where bus accidents happen most frequently when bus

The Prevalence Of Car Accidents In America Has Far Reaching Consequences – Blog (blog)

The Prevalence Of Car Accidents In America Has Far Reaching Consequences Blog (blog)
Call an experienced injury lawyer if you have been injured in an accident. Select a law firm that has a history of helping many people get compensated for accident injuries. Understand that insurance companies can sometimes act in bad faith. We know

Facts About Whiplash Injuries

The after effects of a car accident has left an accident victim worried about:

  • Loss of wages from being out of work
  • Worries about how to make ends meet while recovering
  • Mounting medical bills
  • Harassment form insurance companies to settle claims for almost nothing.

Whiplash neck injury and back pain needs to be properly treated so that recovery can happen.

If you, or someone you know, have been in a car accident, seek legal advice form an attorney so that they can take the load of dealing with your car accident claim off your shoulders.

This will allow you to see chiropractic help immediately so that your whiplash or soft tissue injury can be treated.

There are many misconceptions about whiplash injuries. The following statements should help an individual understand whiplash injuries.

Injuries from a rear end collision at 12 mph can cause injury.

Statistically 22% of auto injuries occur when impacts were above 12 mph. Amazingly, 60% of injuries from car accidents happened  with low speeds of 6-12 mph. 18% of soft tissue injuries actually occurred at 6 mph.

Just because your car was not damaged you can still have a whiplash injury.

A cars body can withstand an impact of a crash better then a human body. Statistically more then 50% of whiplash injuries happen without any damage to the vehicle.

Whiplash symptoms do not appear immediately after a car accident.

Accident victims may experience some pain immediately after a car accident, however whiplash symptoms have a delayed effect and may not occur for hours, days, weeks or even months.

It is highly recommended that anyone involved in a car accident should seek immediate medical attention to determine whether a whiplash injury has actually occurred.

Men and women are effected by whiplash differently.

So many factors can determine the extent of a whip lash injury in men and women.  Age is a huge factor whether you a male or female. Your current state of health and posture play an important role in determining the effects of a whiplash injury.

When a person ages the flexibility and strength in your neck is of course fragile. An individuals neck is unable to handle the strain from a vehicle accident.

Women have been known to suffer a whiplash injury then a man would. Men have stronger neck muscles and women have smaller neck bones. Poor posture at the time of the accident can worsen the whiplash injury.

Individuals who smoke will have a longer and harder recovery period from whiplash after an accident. This is just an example if the factors to be considered when deterring the length of time needed to recover from a whiplash injury.

Whiplash is not only neck pain.
Accident victims often feel feel neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain after a car accident. Statistically 92% of whiplash injuries cause neck pain. half will suffer headaches, fatigue, shoulder pain, anxiety, upper back pain, lower back pain, sleep disturbance, and impaired concentration.


Don’t hesitate if you feel any of the symptoms listed above after a car accident. You have probably sustained an auto accident injury. Whiplash injury can be properly treated with the appropriate chiropractic care.

Contact A whiplash attorney ASAP

Contact a personal injury attorney after a car accident immediately. You may have a whiplash injury and your rights need to be protected. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, the possibility is great that you have sustained a whiplash injury or a soft tissue injury.

Remember if your car has accident damage, your body will have injury damage as well. You may not be aware of the injury right away. It may show up later causing long term or even permanent problems.

Regardless of the severity of a car accident, CONTACT A WHIPLASH ATTORNEY immediately and get checked out by a doctor ASAP.

Car Accident Injuries Require A Toronto Injury Lawyer


When you have been in a car accident, the first people you should contact are a Toronto injury lawyer, your insurance company and your physician. Even though it wasn’t your fault and you are feeling fine, many back and neck injuries don’t surface until days later because shock from the trauma of the accident may last until that time. Anything you say from the moment the accident happens can be used against you and this is why you need the advice of a Toronto injury lawyer and you need to be examined by your physician, as well.

Just because you aren’t feeling the effects immediately doesn’t mean there might not be internal injuries, whiplash and back injuries because car accident injuries can be nerve and muscle related, which aren’t always immediately known. Your Toronto injury lawyer can deal with the insurance companies and handle your legal rights because you never know what the other driver’s story might be about the accident. Even though you weren’t at fault, you can find yourself defending against a personal injury lawsuit.

A Toronto injury lawyer can handle negotiations and make sure that your legal and financial rights are protected. Medical problems that surface at a later time will have expenses associated with them and this is something you need to be protected against. By protecting your rights initially, you are better able to get the compensation you need to pay medical bills and cover the loss of wages you might suffer, if you are required to be away from your job.

When the accident first happens, a Toronto injury lawyer may advise you to get an examination, unless your injuries are immediately obvious. If so, any trips to the hospital, office visits and other medical expenses can add up quickly. While insurance might cover some expenses, you might have a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver and you will need legal representation that a Toronto injury lawyer can provide. Most of the time, A Toronto injury lawyer will give you a free consultation and they will handle your case for a percentage of the settlement they are able to obtain.

It is common for insurance companies to offer a quick settlement that doesn’t come near covering your medical expenses and future time off work. Many people immediately take these insurance settlements, thinking it more than covers their expenses. Unfortunately, most insurance settlements don’t consider any future expenses that might be medically related and they don’t always consider the expense of a legal defense, or long-term physical therapy that might be necessary. These are things you need to consider and you need a Toronto injury lawyer to get you the most money you are entitled to and protect your rights.

Having a car accident and sustaining injuries is something that can be life-changing. It doesn’t have to leave you with large medical expenses and personal bills that you are unable to pay because of lost time from work or a settlement that wasn’t properly negotiated. A Toronto injury lawyer can get you the money you are entitled to and research shows that cases get a much larger settlement, when a Toronto injury lawyer is involved.

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