Automobile Accident Lawyer

Automobile Accident Lawyer

Automobile Accident Lawyer

James R. Moyles Automobile Accidents Law Blog on – Blog (blog)

Although school buses are designed to be safer than most passenger cars in avoiding crashes and preventing injury, they are not totally risk free. Riding the bus is not the foremost safety issue. The greatest risk for injury occurs when children are

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers: Ford Automobiles Come Under Fire – Blog (blog)

If you own or lease a 2011-2015 Ford Explorer, Ford Edge or Lincoln MKX contact the Philadelphia automobile accident lawyer at Galfand Berger. We will aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf, if your health has been jeopardized by Ford’s inaction.

Cherry Hill Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Summer a Dangerous Time for Motorcyclists – Blog (blog)

Cherry Hill motorcycle accident lawyers say that in addition to avoiding alcohol, motorcyclists should always wear a helmet and protective clothing while riding during the summer. No matter the temperature, arms and legs should be fully covered to

automobile accident lawyer

How Car Accident Lawyers Charge For Their Legal Services

You may know that you need a lawyer to help you after you’ve been injured in an automobile accident. At the same time, you may be worried about how you’ll pay for a lawyer. This article explains how automobile accident lawyer collect fees for their legal work.

Of course, some lawyers, and some cases, are different. This is more of a general guide than a definitive statement of how any particular lawyer would handle your case.


In most automobile accident cases the lawyer and client enter into a contingent fee agreement. Under a contingent fee agreement, the lawyer only earns a fee if some event – a “contingency” – happens. Normally, that contingency is that the client wins a judgment or the case settles.

The lawyer’s fee in a contingent fee case is normally based on the amount of the judgment that is awarded at the end of the case, or the amount of the settlement.


Normally, in an automobile accident case, if the case is resolved through settlement, that percentage of the recovery that is the lawyer’s fee is 33 percent. If a lawsuit has to be filed, the percentage normally goes up, and in the very rare cases where there is an appeal after the lawsuit the percentage goes up yet again. The reason the percentage of the recovery increases is because at those points, there is generally not a significant increase in what the likely recovery is going to be, but there is a significant increase in the amount of work the attorney has to do.

The lawyer’s fee in this kind of arrangement is normally based on the gross recovery. There are almost certainly costs of bringing a lawsuit or investigating a claim. These costs include filing fees, expert costs, investigator costs, the costs of getting medical records, deposition costs, and the cost of preparing exhibits, among other things. What the client recovers at the end is reduced by the lawyer’s fee and the costs of the litigation.


There are a number of advantages to a contingent fee agreement. Perhaps the most obvious is that the client’s interests and the lawyer’s interests are aligned. The client and the lawyer want the same thing – a speedy resolution of the case that maximizes the recovery. There are some other big advantages to a contingent fee agreement: the client doesn’t pay any money upfront, which can be important; if you have a lot of expenses after your accident; and you do not pay any legal fees if there is no recovery.


A contingent fee agreement does, however, require more work on the part of the lawyer before accepting a case. If a case is going to be billed hourly, a lawyer can take the case without worrying about whether the case has merit (or without worrying as much; no lawyer wants to lose a case). When a lawyer takes a contingent fee case, the lawyer is, in essence, going into business with the client for that case. The lawyer is investing his time, energy, and money (remember those court costs) into a case. That automobile accident lawyer wants to make sure that he knows the case is a prudent investment.

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