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birth injury lawyer New York
birth injury lawyer New York


Among the best things that could happen to couples is becoming parents. For 9 months, the expectation can grow too much. So anyone can just imagine how heartbreaking it can be if a medical malpractice can happen. A birth injury is the last thing that parents would want their baby to go through. In case that this happens though, it is just fitting to hire a birth injury lawyer New York to serve justice to the offender.
There are a lot of birth injury lawyer New York but not all are the same in skill and expertise. Choose the one who has a reputation in birth injury to ensure that you will get the justice that you deserve.

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NY Birth Injury Attorney represens victims of birth injury, medical malpractice, erbs palsy and cerebral palsy within New York City (NYC) including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island and Bronx.

There are several factors which can influence health of a newborn baby. Some of these factors are related to the medical fitness and health of the mother as well as baby at the time of delivery. However, there are some factors which can result in serious injuries. These factors have nothing to do with the health condition of the baby or the mother. Instead, these factors can be attributed to medical negligence during the delivery process.

There are various types of injuries which can occur as a result of medical negligence. Some of these injuries can prove mild, severe or fatal to the newborn baby. It is normally observed that most of the birth injuries result from lack of oxygen at the time of delivery. Some other causes include mechanical trauma which can result if the baby occupies unusual position during the delivery process.

Several of these birth related injuries result from the negligence of the medical staff or hospital. Using excessive force at the time of deliver can also result in birth related injuries. Similarly, if there is any delay in performing a C-section delivery then it can also result in injury to the newborn baby.

Common Medical Errors resulting in Birth Injuries:-

* Failure to declare fetal distress;
* Failure to order a C-Section in a timely manner;
* Improper use of delivery forceps;
* Medical/Hospital staff may not properly read or respond to the babies vital signs;
* Failure to detect a prolapsed umbilical cord reducing oxygen supply;
* Excessive use of a vacuum extractor;
* The failure to recognize and treat seizures following delivery;
* Failure to diagnose and treat jaundice or meningitis;

Several of Birth related injuries are reported from operative deliveries rather than spontaneous deliveries. There are estimated 27 birth injury cases out of every 1000 live births. If your child has been a victim of birth injury then it can have serious consequences. Some of the birth related injuries can result in Mental retardation, Seizure disorders and various types of other brain related injuries.

If your child has been a victim of birth related injuries then you must speak with a Birth Injury Lawyer.

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