Boston Personal Injury Lawyer

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer

boston personal injury lawyer

boston personal injury lawyer

boston personal injury lawyer
boston personal injury lawyer

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Daniel M. Kotin Elected to the American Board … – Benzinga


Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Daniel M. Kotin Elected to the American Board
Chicago personal injury lawyer Daniel M. Kotin obtained his J.D. from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and obtained his B.A. from Boston College. He concentrates his legal practice in personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice.and more »


Lawyer: Brandon Spikes has not settled over crash – Boston Herald


Lawyer: Brandon Spikes has not settled over crash
Boston Herald
Spikes pleaded guilty July 1 to leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury in connection with the June 7 crash in which he rear-ended the family’s 2009 Nissan Murano SUV with his luxury 2011 Mercedes-Benz Maybach on Interstate 495 north and more »


NFL notebook: Eli Manning, Giants agree on $84 million extension – The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe

NFL notebook: Eli Manning, Giants agree on $84 million extension
The Boston Globe
Saints cornerback Delvin Breaux could start the opener in Arizona because of a hip injury that has bothered Keenan Lewis . Breaux broke his neck playing in high school nine years ago and never played college football . . . A lawyer for O.J. Simpson and more »


boston personal injury lawyer

Malpractice Lawyer Faq

MoreMalpractice Lawyerquestions please visit :

Dental Malpractice Lawyer?
Dental Malpractice Lawyer? Hi, I’m looking for a dental malpractice lawyer who only charges if the shield wins. I’m in the Boston nouns. Preferably one with a good history. Any suggestions? ” I’d contact my local dowel or state bar association and ask for a referral to a personal injury attorney who also does work in medical malpractice….

Dental Malpractice Lawyer?
Hi, I’m looking for a dental malpractice lawyer who only charges if the luggage wins. I’m in the Boston nouns. Preferably one with a good history. Any suggestions? Talk near a medical malpractice attorney. He/she should be able to handle the thing. Attorneys are making a bet that they’ll win the case if they take it on a…

Dental malpractice legal representative?
i need to find a dental malpractce lawyer contained by the inland empire, in southern california that won’t charge unless they win Most malpractice attorneys don’t charge unless they win the case. Call your state slab association and they will be able to give you attorney information specific to your suitcase. Good luck.

Do anyone know any Lawyers that would manipulate a Medical Malpractice Case that’s over it’s Statue Of Limitation?
I had my son back surrounded by 2003 at DeKalb Medical and delivered him through an Emergency C-Section, My son was born Premature and wasn’t breathing on his own also he have swallowed alot of my Bowel Movement and had several tubes going…

Do lawyer achieve sued for malpractice?
Attorney is derived from a french word, that means “to break away ones rights”! The American Bar Association is in a unique position, they delight in an illagal monopoly. Anyone can represent themselves in our courts, however, the judges, who enjoy usurped authority they were not granted, will not allow it in most cases. If…

Do lawyer that specialize surrounded by a allowed malpractice work on a contingency cause?
If Yes, how do you find them? although Jay makes some great points about this process and covers it pretty powerfully beware….. almost all attorneys who work on a contingency basis due so for their “fee” solely and regardless of win or lose you are still charged…

Do you muse I enjoy a medical malpractice armour and if so you know a suitable malpractice legal representative?
In May I got an abscess in my throat and I go to warmc a local hospital. When I got there they did 2 cat-scans and give me ibuprofen and an IV solution. When the results came back they told me nearby…

Do you surmise malpractice lawyer are destroying the healthcare system contained by the U.S?
I have a very strong inference about this, but I’ll withhold it as I want to know yours. Do you feel that medical malpractice lawsuits surrounded by the US are mostly legit or bogus? Do you feel that people contained by the medical community are pointing blame…

Does any other country compare to the USA surrounded by how much money lawyer bring in from medical malpractice lawsuits?
I don’t know, but I would bet against it. So…If I be a Republican Congress-person, I would be pushing for a government option for Doctor’s malpractice insurance to tie onto the condition care bill to bring their costs down and maintain…

Does anyone know a virtuous Medical Malpractice Lawyer contained by South New Jersey to File a Lawsuit?
I need a good Lawyer or Attorney. A plus if they can distribute me a free consultation for my case. Thank you. look in your local phone book. it’s full of phone numbers Call John Edwards or any ambulance chaser. google “” they will…

Does anyone know of a medical malpractice advocate or regulation m.d. contained by Boston…Preferably a womanly?
I had a baby 9months ago and seriously can’t acquire over the horrible experience. I have never sued or brought legal deed against anyone. It would take me alot more than this paragraph to explain the whole situation-but its particularly complicated with several different issues….

Education Malpractice Lawyers?
does anyone know what the “technical” definition of this would be called so i could find a lawyer within my area. It would be for a school district’s policy violate constitutional rights You need an attorney who is familiar near civil rights cases. Criminal attorneys or attorneys who are members of your state’s ACLU are a likely source….
Finding a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?
I’m trying to find a lawyer to represent my dad in a medical malpractice valise. Spoken to 3 Boston area attorneys who all voice he seems to have a valise. The problem is the big firm says it only take multi million dollar cases, the smaller lawyers don’t want to put up the money for expert…

For a malpractice lawsuit would it trademark more sence to contact a legal representative or an attorney?
Which one would be the better choice and what is the main difference between a lawyer and an attorney? Nothing is different except the word. You will call for a personal injury attorney/lawyer. Both are the same thing, some population call them lawyers and…

Had a surgery. gone my right paw useless. stipulation angelic malpractice legal representative contained by Iowa. I want minister to. I’m a man, 56yrs
They say that the Dr. used standard of care so I can’t sue. I can’t move up a cup of coffee or bottle of pop with my right hand and They articulate this happens from time to…

Has anyone taken their Lawyer to court for malpractice?
Has anyone taken their Lawyer to court over his/her Lawyer not doing as directed by the client and because he (Lawyer) doesn’t do what was asked of him you loose your carse? Hope that makes sense. Yes. Many hold. Search it. Start here.… I don’t focus it is applicable in NC…

Hello, I would resembling to know how much a medical malpractice lawyer make. Also, what cateory of regulation is it?
Do malpractice lawyers make virtuous money? Are jobs readily available for them? If I be to try and study for this field of law..what category would it plummet under ? (business, criminal, corporate..etc law). ” You would probably be under civil…

How could if find a advocate that specializes surrounded by medical malpractice, within pernickety instruments that slipshod.?
If i wanted to find a lawyer contained by San Diego california to help in a medical malpractice suit how would I do it. The doctor did a routine surgery and the instrument inferior and I was in a coma for 3 months, icu…

How do I find a advocate that will pinch on other lawyer surrounded by malpractice issues?
I am now concerned that my own lawyers are screw me over as well as a Judge, court appointed attorney, my mother’s estate attorney and everyone else. I need to stir in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court with these issues, but am I in…

How do I find a Dental Malpractice Lawyer contained by Los Angeles?
I have had multiple problems next to my dentist and it is time I seek legal support. I am have trouble finding a lawyer who is qualified to pursue a Dental Malpractice Case. Any help would be great. Google your force out or look in the listings, they usually…

How do you find a advocate to sue a attorney for malpractice?
I had a lawyer who quoted the wrong directive in court and did not do what they were supposed to do contained by time so now i have no haphazard of getting what i was going for. I have compensated 10 grand and now that they ruined my one…

How do you find a lawyer malpractice insurance company?
The lawyer is in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Most insurance companies do not accept consideration from an injured party. The insured is required to turn the claim in. You should write the doctor a notification (put him on notice) of whatever your claim is, including a paragraph requesting him to turn the claim…

How do you find a legal representative that will do malpractice againist a big hosptial?
My fil had an operation and came out fine..after in the recovery room they quit the blood thinner even though they be no supposed to – he suffered a strooke due to a blood clot due to no blood thinner and now is paralized on the…

How long do I hold to sue a attorney for malpractice?
As long as you keep them affianced, the statute of limitation is not running. After you fire them, you have one year to directory the action (in California). Your statute of limitation is probably beneath state law, so check your local law. If it’s between states, it might be lower…

How much is a typical lawful malpractice worth? or if you dont know that how much is lawyer’s insurance usually
There is no typical legal malpractice claim. It depends on what sort of loss you have. Some lawyer have no insurance; others have fairly a bit. Big firms tend to have lots; solo practitioners tend to have smaller quantity or none….

No Ambulance Chasers Allowed – Following The Ethical Dictates …

Lawyers have several sets of rules to consider when creating advertisements. The FTC regulates all advertising in every state; each state may have its own regulations governing advertising; and the attorney ethics rules of the state in which you are advertising will regulate lawyer advertising. A review of FTC rules can be seen at Most rules are just plain common sense and are meant to protect the public. Some state lawyer ethics rules go further. For instance, some rules are meant to protect the image of lawyers.

In the past, lawyer ethics rules have been more restrictive, however, they have been slowly eroded by both State and U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Because they have been losing ground, state regulating bodies have have become complacent. Consequently, lawyer advertising has continued to evolve and today there are many lawyers advertising without even thinking about ethics rules. It is at this point that the enforcement wave may return. Where the violation is minor, it is unlikely that any action will be taken, but when a lawyer advertisement contains a major ethical violation, authorities will have no choice but to attempt to exert their control. If they do nothing, there will be no need for rules. They may as well take their chances in court.

Ethics rules have been slow to keep up with changing times. I believe that some ethics rules, such as requiring that your local office address appear in the advertisement, may become unenforceable and should be eliminated. This rule may have originally intended that clients should have the means to find your office address if your telephone number changed or to determine if your office was geographically convenient for them. This rule no longer makes sense. Use of a toll-free telephone number ensures that your telephone number will never change even if you move your office. According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, in February 2004, 74.9% of households had Internet access. Telephone companies are now offering high-speed Internet access and electric utility companies are now able to offer high-speed Internet access simply by plugging into an electric socket. According to New American Library, computers are now outselling TVs. In a very short time, every home in the US will not only be able to have Internet access, but high-speed Internet access and can easily access a lawyer’s web site and determine the office address. Lawyer advertisements can include a web site address where a potential client can find the lawyer’s contact information. Requiring the lawyer’s office address in a TV commercial, effectively prevents smaller lawyers from joining group advertising where smaller budgets are combined to effectively compete against wealthier lawyers. There simply is not enough room in the TV commercial to list the address of every lawyer.

With regard to the public’s need to know if a law office is near them, this is the least important qualitative factor that a client should consider. Instead of looking for a lawyer who is a couple of blocks away, a potential client should look for other factors such as experience with the client’s problem, personality, etc. Many times, clients and patients are willing to travel from the suburbs to the city to find a lawyer or doctor because of the perception that professionals in the city are more competent. Additionally, upon making a call, the caller can simply ask for the address of the office.

For your state’s ethics rules, see ABA Links to State Ethics Rules Governing Lawyer Advertising, Solicitation and Marketing at For a list of resources and articles on ethics and lawyer advertising, see

Below is a short list of what I believe are some of the most important ethics rules to consider when creating attorney advertising:

1) Referrals: If you pay money to anyone and a client is referred to you, you are probably obtaining an illegal referral, unless the referral is from a Bar Association. Advertising involves a risk. The risk is that you may pay for advertising and may not sign up any clients. If you are offered a guarantee that you will sign up enough cases to cover the cost of advertising, this guarantee turns your advertising campaign into an illegal referral system. If you are considering working with an advertising agency that offers a guarantee, have an ethics lawyer review the guarantee before you work with that agency. If you work with an advertiser or an agency, make sure you are actually paying for advertising and not for the cases. Beware of advertising schemes where “someone” offers to send you clients which have been obtained without advertising and offers to bill you on their “advertising agency” bill head for advertising services or consulting services. Several lawyers and doctors, I have spoken to, mistakenly believed that if they have a bill for advertising, it’s legal. These schemes are clearly illegal in addition to violating ethics and can result in an arrest and conviction. Know who you’re doing business with and live by a simple rule: If you’re trying to make something look like something else, it’s probably illegal.
In some states, such as New York, if telephone calls are answered in a central office, no person can decide which calls go to which lawyers. For instance, if the agency or call center receives telephone calls from callers requesting different services such as bankruptcy, criminal, divorce, and personal injury, a referral may made when the operator decides which lawyer to send the call to. Even if all calls request personal injury services and an operator is able to decide whether to give the call to lawyer “A” or lawyer “B”, a referral would be made.

2) Disparaging Other Lawyers: Advertising which includes a remark disparaging other lawyers is probably one of the quickest ways to get into trouble. Not only is it unethical in most states, but lawyers who view your disparaging advertising will likely report you.

3) Misleading Advertising Claims: Claims should be carefully examined to avoid being misleading. Claims implying that your law firm can get more money or that your law firm is powerful are misleading. Even a claim that you are a big-city lawyer, while it could be true, can be considered misleading as an implication of power or competency due to your location. In states, such as New York, where the lawyer is required to charge the client for expenses, stating that there is no fee unless you win will not only violate ethics but subject you to a lawsuit.

4) Claiming to be an Expert: Most states prohibit lawyers from stating in their advertising that they are an expert or that they specialize in a particular practice area, unless the lawyer is board certified. Where the lawyer is not certified, some states, like Texas, require that the lawyer state that he or she is not certified (this rule should also be eliminated).

5) Vanity Telephone Numbers and Web Site Domain Names: Some vanity telephone numbers and web site domain names can violate legal ethics. Make sure that your vanity telephone number or web site name avoids use of certain words which could potentially create an incorrect expectation in the mind of the consumer or violate one of the other ethics rules. Both vanity telephone numbers and web site domain names should not imply that you are better than another lawyer, that you can accomplish something for the audience that may not actually occur or that you are an expert.

Use of words such as “BEST”, “TOP”, “FOREMOST, “LEADING”, “WIN” and similar words in a vanity telephone number or web site domain name would likely create a misleading expectation in the mind of the consumer and will violate ethics rules in most states. The question is by who’s standards are you the best or leading and in what? 1-800-WIN-XXXX may be good for a casino, but when used for personal injury will imply that the person who becomes a client of the firm will win money when, in fact, that may not happen and even if it does, it’s an award for just compensation, not a “winning”. Laura Hodes in her article for the ABA Journal entitled Vanity Phone Numbers Make Your Firm Less Forgettable, quoted Will Hornsby, an expert on lawyer advertising and staff counsel in the ABA Division for Legal Services, who said that while there is nothing unethical about vanity numbers, “1-800-I-WIN-CASES would be unethical because it is making an unsubstantiated claim, creating unjustified expectations that can be true but still be misleading.”

6) Trade Names: Most states do not allow lawyers to use trade names. While a 1-800 vanity phone number can be branded in advertising so people remember how to call you, it should not become your trade name.

7) Verdict Results: If you advertise previous settlements or verdict results, most states will require a disclaimer that prior results are not predictive of future outcomes. Claims must be true and you should be able to prove it.

8) Use of Actors in the Commercial: Some states prohibit lawyers from using an actor in the commercial to portray a lawyer and have strict regulations regarding the use of testimonials, and the portrayal of clients.

9) Dramatic Accident Re-creation: Some states prohibit use of dramatic accident recreations in the commercials.

10) Jingles: Some states prohibit use of jingles in commercials.

11) Office Address: Most states require that your main office address appear in your advertising.

12) Copy of Advertisement: Some states require lawyers to keep a copy of the advertisement for certain period of time. Some states require lawyers to submit a copy of their advertisements for prior approval.

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