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What Are My Choices If I Get Struck by an Uninsured Driver?

In New York State if you are involved in a car crash you are entitled to injury defense (PIP) regardless of who may be at fault due to the state’s No-Fault law. In circumstances when an additional person’s neglect was the source of the accident, you can make a bodily injury insurance claim via the at-fault automobile insurance policy to be compensated for your responsibility case. There are times, however, when one may be struck by a private with not enough insurance coverage. Continue reading to see the choices available to you if ever faced with this scenario.


All chauffeurs in New York State are required to purchase obligation insurance coverage that meets the following standards:

Physical Injury minimum: Minimum $25,000 each/ $50,000 per mishap.
Building Damages minimum: Minimum $10,000 (does not put on your own automobile).
Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury minimum: Minimum $25,000 per person/$ 50,000 per crash (can not exceed your BI liability limits).

Standard Personal Injury Security minimum: Minimum $50,000.
Despite these demands, there have to do with 5.3% of motorists in New York City that operate their vehicles without insurance coverage. Though this locations NY as a third least expensive state (behind Massachusetts and Maine) with uninsured vehicle drivers, this still indicates that there are countless vehicle drivers around with insufficient insurance coverage.

The insurance coverage aids you if you do not have access to a damaging automobile’s responsibility insurance policy as a result of a mishap triggered by:

Unknown hit as well as a run vehicle driver.
Without insurance out-of-state motor vehicle.
Without insurance NY car.
Stolen car.
Motor vehicles are operated without the permission of the proprietor.
Unregistered motor vehicle.
The Motor Vehicle Mishap Indemnification Firm (MVAIC) while additionally supplying protection in accidents involving without insurance drivers, just action in as the last resort.


Unlike uninsured driver BI protection, underinsured motorist protection (UIM) is not called for by New York State. It provides protection if the at-fault motorist in an accident has inadequate obligation insurance coverage to totally compensate you.

In both UM and also UIM instances a case needs to be filed versus your own insurance policy to process bodily injury claims. UIM asserts entered impact after the at-fault chauffeur’s responsibility has actually been tired. If you find yourself seriously wounded by an underinsured vehicle driver, you may have a UIM insurance claim if the injuries you sustain exceed the limits of the negligent vehicle driver’s plan.


Although the majority of insurance providers will certainly acknowledge and honor the UM/UIM stipulations of your policy, there are some who may try to deny your UM/UIM case or deal you really little payment. It is therefore extremely vital to connect to an injury lawyer immediately.

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