Cincinnati Injury Lawyer

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer

cincinnati injury lawyer

cincinnati injury lawyer

cincinnati injury lawyer
cincinnati injury lawyer

Inside the rise and fall of Urban Meyer’s Florida Gators – WTVQ


Inside the rise and fall of Urban Meyer’s Florida Gators
Florida escaped with a 29-19 win, but Spikes, who missed the game with a groin injury, was displeased with Tebow’s play. The two players got in each other’s faces and had to be … Fortunately for many players, Gainesville lawyer Huntley Johnson helped and more »


Parents of Sam DuBose at odds over who will administer estate – WLWT Cincinnati

WLWT Cincinnati

Parents of Sam DuBose at odds over who will administer estate
WLWT Cincinnati
He wants Blake Maislin, a personal injury lawyer, to administer the estate. “He has moved our firm to ask me to be the administrator on behalf of the estate,” Maislin said. “It’s not unusual. Our firm has done it before. Other firms have done it. It and more »


Brett Favre, Lawyer Milloy nominated for Hall of Fame ballot – The Seattle Times


Brett Favre, Lawyer Milloy nominated for Hall of Fame ballot
The Seattle Times
CANTON, Ohio — Brett Favre and Lawyer Milloy were among the 108 modern-day nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2016 announced Wednesday night. The NFL’s career leader in nearly every passing category when he retired after the …
NFL notes: Gurley, Mason work with Rams
NFL notebook: Favre, Faneca among Hall of Fame nominees Tribune-Reviewall 202 news articles »



Things to be done when you are victim of accident – Articlesbase

Do you think slip and fall as minor accidents? Yes they may be but sometimes these small accidents turn into a serious problem. This can break your bones, head or even neck. If one falls from a height then it can be even fatal for their life. When this accident occurred due to careless behavior of other person then one must not keep quite. He should fight for compensation with the help of Ft. Worth slip and fall attorney.

Every time it is not possible that the fault will be of another person but it happens many time that accident takes place on the property of another person. Here also you can file a case because according to law every property owner should make their place safe. Reasons for injury could be anything but Ft. worth slip and fall attorney will help you to get justice. If you went in a mall for shopping and you fall with serious injuries due to damaged or slippery floors then it’s not your mistake. Property owner will be responsible for it and you can file a case against him.

You can face a long term effect due to slip and fall injuries and also you will need long term care and good amount of money to pay your medical bills. Therefore if you will demand for compensation then it will assist you with a financial support. According to law, owner of any business like grocery stores, restaurants, various public places, etc need to make their place safe and hazardous free. They should clean places regularly. It is also noticed that many deaths are occurring only due to slip and fall accidents. Slip accidents mainly occur due to improper design and poor maintenance. In slip and fall accidents you need to take two types of help as soon as possible i.e. medical and legal.

It is observed that everyday many people die or get seriously injured due to car accidents. A Plano Car Wreck Lawyer can help you a lot if you faced a car accident due to the mistake of others. Many a time accident occurs due to drunken drivers and not because of your mistake. When you suffer car wreck accident then injuries could be at high level. They will give you a personal attention to your injury as well as case. No one wants lawyer who forces their client to compromise with small amount of compensation. Therefore it is very important to select a proper and trustable attorney who will fight for your justice.

In car accidents many things need to be taken into account in order to get a proper justice. This accidents result into wastage of money and time as well as property damage. Therefore it is necessary for lawyers to win large amount of compensation. Although you have insurance but Plano car wreck lawyer will help you to get more compensation then insurance also. They generally investigate on the basis of medical reports, witnesses, form of accident and evidence.

Run-Off Road Collisions: Statistics and Strategies to Avoid Them

Run-Off Road Collisions: Statistics and Strategies to Avoid Them

Run-off road collisions refer to accidents that typically involve a single car leaving the road. Some of the reasons this type of accident may occur include misjudging a curve, going too fast around a curve and swerving to avoid an animal or another car.


According to data collected through FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) from the years 1991 through 2007, dealing with only single car crashes the following was found:

1. Driving under the influence of alcohol increases the chances of being involved in a runoff road collision. Over 86% of drivers that had a blood alcohol level .01% or higher were involved in a run-off road accident, compared to just fewer than 59% of sober drivers.

2. Speeding is one of the main causes of a run off road accident with 90% of run-off road accidents involved drivers going over the speed limit.

3. Of the crashes that occurred on curved roads, approximately 90% were from run-off road accidents.

4. Run off road accidents are more likely to occur on rural roads than on urban roads.  5. Roads that have only one or two lanes have a higher rate of run-off road accidents.  6. A run off road accident is more likely to occur at night.

7. Younger drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 are the most likely to be involved in a run-off road accident.

The statistics from the year 2005 showed that 31% of fatal crashes were run-off road accidents. However, of all accidents, run-off road accident types only accounted for 16% of the total.

Strategies for Avoiding Run off Road Accidents

There are a few strategies that can be implemented on roadways in order to help avoid or lesson the number of run-off road accidents that occur. Some of the strategies that can be implemented include:

  • Installing rumble strips along the shoulder of the road
  • Clearly marking the edge line of the road
  • Install enhanced markings on the shoulder and in-lane to highlight sharp curves
  • Enhance all pavement marks
  • Use skid resistant pavement
  • Apply treatments to the shoulder/ including widening shoulders and eliminating drop offs
  • Remove objects that are in a hazardous location
  • Use reflective tape to mark trees and utility poles
  • Make slopes and ditches safer to help prevent cars from rolling over
  • Improve barrier systems, including bridge rails

In addition, there are several things that, as a driver, you can do to help ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers on the road and avoid run-off accidents. Some of these things include:

  • Do not drive when you are overly tired or sleepy
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Slow down for curves, especially if not familiar with the severity of the turn
  • Use your bright lights when possible if driving at night

The most important thing to remember when driving is to pay attention at all times.

Additionally, you should always use the services of a reputable Agoura Hills car accident attorney when victim of an accident. While the personal injury attorneys at JD Law Group have settled millions of dollars worth of claims litigated by California car accident attorneys, they can refer you to the highest rated car accident firms anywhere in the United States in order to maximize your settlement. Call them today at 1-888-736-4248 for a free consultation.


JD Law Group Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and no legal information presented at this site should be construed to be formal legal advice, or to constitute the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Any results set forth herein are based upon the facts of that particular case and do not represent a promise or guarantee.

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