Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

denver personal injury lawyers

denver personal injury lawyers

denver personal injury lawyers
denver personal injury lawyers

Criminal Charges — 9-21-15 – Lincoln Times-News


Criminal Charges — 9-21-15
Lincoln Times-News
17 with one count of injury to personal property. A $1,000 secured … 17 with one count each of seat belt law violation and driving while license revoked. Gregory Scott Reynolds, 53, of 233 N. Highway 16, Apt. 19 in Denver was charged Sept. 17 with


Colorado Lawyer Named One of the Top Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in the … – EIN News (press release)


Colorado Lawyer Named One of the Top Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in the
EIN News (press release)
/ — DENVER, CO — (Marketwired) — 09/21/15 — The Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group (WILG) recently honored R. Mack Babcock, Colorado injury lawyer and founder of The Babcock Law Firm, by naming him one of the top workers


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Teacher & Student Sex Scandal In Denver, Colorado – Sexual …

A former Denver, Colorado teacher and assistant principal at the Collegiate Academy in Littleton (K-12) school was sentenced in the Jefferson County, Colorado District Court to 5 years of community corrections through the Colorado Department of Corrections.  The Denver Post reports that, in addition to the 5 year community corrections sentence, the teacher received a intensive supervised probation term of 5 years to life for the felony sex crime conviction.

The teacher and student began a sexual relationship when the student was in the 7th grade.  Since the student was clearly under the age of 15 when this sexual relationship began, the teacher was originally charged with the more serious version of sex assault on a child by one in a position of trust, i.e., where the child is under the age of 15, the actor is at least 4 years older and in a position of trust in relation to the child.  The act of child molestation by a teacher in these circumstances is a class 3 felony in Denver and all Colorado jurisdictions and carries a mandatory prison sentence of 10 years with a potential maximum of up to the remainder of the defendant’s life.  In this particular case, the teacher received a plea bargain that allowed her to plea guilty to the less severe version of sex assault on a child by one in a position of trust, i.e., where the child is under 18 years of age and the actor is in a position of trust in relation to the child.  Child molestation in this form does still carry very severe potential consequences, but does not require mandatory prison under Colorado law.  This particular teacher/defendant is very lucky that the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office was willing to give her the benefit of this plea bargain.

The sex assault criminal defense attorneys at Frankfurt Trani, P.C. have handled a number of very similar cases and in some cases, have even achieved better results than that of this case.  Any form of sexual criminal charge under Colorado law, especially sex assault on a child, is very serious and requires legal representation.  A person facing this type of criminal charge should never attempt to represent themselves.

Truck Accidents: Lowboy Trucks

Tractor-trailer accidents can be some of the most serious accidents on U.S. highways, simply due to the massive size and weight of these types of vehicles. Lowboy trucks, in particular, pose several specific safety concerns.

What is a Lowboy Truck?

A lowboy truck is defined as large trucking vehicle connected to an open, flat trailer. The trailer’s deck height is extremely low to the ground, so that cargo can be loaded and unloaded easily. The trailer is typically used to carry large, heavy construction or industrial equipment. Special permits are often required for lowboy trucks because of the oversized loads.

There are two types of lowboy truck-trailers, front loading and rear loading. With a front loader, the gooseneck (large metal apparatus that connects the trailer to the truck) either detaches or folds down for loading from the front of the trailer. Rear-loading lowboy trailers have a stationary gooseneck and a rear, folding ramp for loading.

Lowboy Accidents and Safety Concerns

Unsecured loads

The heavy loads carried on lowboy truck-trailer combinations need to be securely attached to the center of the trailer. This prevents the load from shifting during transit. If shifting occurs, the truck and trailer can become off-balance, leading to driver control issues, or a jackknifed rig.

In addition, if the load is not secured well, a piece of heavy equipment could roll off during transport or at the point of unloading. This is a real concern for workers loading and unloading equipment, and vehicles traveling near, and especially behind, a lowboy truck.


Brake and parking brake system maintenance is important for these lowboy truck-trailer combinations, as a lowboy driver unable to brake effectively can cause a serious highway accident.

Pinch points and crushing hazards

Lowboy operators and workers must be extra cautious, as there are many highly dangerous “pinch points” from movable parts in the goosenecks, ramps, winches and other areas. These pinch points can crush a worker easily during loading and unloading cargo, strapping cargo and hooking the lowboy trailer to the truck.

In addition, to avoid potential crushing hazards, unloading and loading on hard, level ground is paramount to safety.

Diminished driver views

When a lowboy truck is hauling a large load of equipment, the driver will be unable to see, in most cases, people around the vehicle or other traffic in the truck’s blind spots.


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