Personal Injury Settlements Yourself

5. Doing Personal Injury Settlements Yourself


Is it even possible to get personal injury claims yourself? Yes, of course. The court
allows anyone, even yourself, to represent yourself in the court. We hire personal
injury attorneys because it’s their bread and butter. It’s their expertise. People feel
a lot more confident when working with a lawyer on their case. But when the situation
forces you to do the personal injury settlements yourself, you can still do that by
following these tips:

Have everything in writing. Personal injury settlements are legal processes that
have to be documented from the very menial to the grandest part. The insurance company
is demanding you to have the conversation by phone for a reason. It is your right to
respond to them in writing. Only through this that you can keep record of the
conversation. But this will also demand that you have perfect grammar, punctuation, and
spelling. Most importantly, never mix emotion when writing your documents. But there
are exceptions, like when you have to describe your pain and suffering. Just keep
everything objective.

Never release your medical records to the other party. You can give the exact and
detailed medical related accounts of the incident. But it’s okay not to release your
medical records because they’re yours.


Take photographs and videos of everything. When we say everything, it includes your
physical look, the damages on the property, and the negotiations. The more documented
you are, the better for personal injury claims.

Study the fair compensation. Insurance companies know that non-lawyer individuals
are ignorant when it comes to the fair personal injury settlements. Don’t be fooled and
do your research. Only by reading more and researching more personal injuries that you
can gain as much knowledge as you can.

Sure it will be a proud to get personal injury claims yourself. But you’re also
exposing yourself to the possibility of getting ripped off. Be wiser and do your
homework. If you’re not willing to take the risk, better hire among the personal injury
lawyers in your area. They are more experienced than you are.