Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys

family law attorneys

family law attorneys

family law attorneys
family law attorneys

National Academy of Family Law Attorneys selects Jonathan Glassman as a Top 10 … –


National Academy of Family Law Attorneys selects Jonathan Glassman as a Top 10
The National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (NAFLA) selects attorneys who demonstrate hard work and dedication in the field of family law. Attorneys are selected through a rigorous, multi-phase process. This process includes a nomination by a fellow … 


Family Law Attorney Hunter Lewis Rejoins Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson – PR Newswire (press release)


Family Law Attorney Hunter Lewis Rejoins Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson
PR Newswire (press release)
A respected family law litigator and appellate attorney, Mr. Lewis began his legal career at the firm in 2010, before moving to Kinser & Bates LLP in 2012. His practice is focused on divorce; child custody, possession and support matters; complex and more »


Family law attorneys offer quick takes on Ashley Madison breach – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Family law attorneys offer quick takes on Ashley Madison breach
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
Will the data breach of the adultery website Ashley Madison be a boon for the family law bar and a burden on the Probate Court? “Any more stress on the already overburdened Probate & Family Court would be a disaster, so let’s hope that not a lot of …and more »



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family law attorneysfamily law attorneysfamily law attorneys

The Family Law Representation You Will Never Find Anywhere Else …

We offer quality service that is tailored to meet any family law representation need that you may have. The practice areas we specialize in include juvenile court actions, custody, divorce, and support. Our dedication to serving our community, our belief in making quality legal services affordable and accessible, and our experience make us a team of hardworking, compassionate advocates. We will be glad to serve you.

As family law attorneys Salt Lake City we have over 35 years’ experience in the settlement of:

  • Family Law, Paternity, and Divorce
  • Support
  • Custody
  • Paternity
  • Premarital agreements
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Divorce settlement modification
  • Motions if a parent moves away
  • Juvenile court actions
  • Grandparent rights
  • Alimony
  • Divorce

When the bonds of marriage are broken, you need the best legal representation on your side. As family law experts, we represent clients in all areas of divorce. Property, support and custody issues are often clouded by emotions in divorce proceedings. We protect your financial and legal interests while helping you handle the emotional issues. This method ensures that you leave the marriage with an equitable and fair resolution.

We recognize the pain, and emotional trauma individuals suffer during a divorce. For this reason, we give our clients the experience and time required to guide them through this difficult experience.


Child Custody
We represent clients in visitation, custody and parenting time matters. We guide clients in the enforcement, design and modification of parenting time, visitation and custody orders.

Complex Property Division
We fully understand the circumstances and unique challenges that may arise in dividing marital property and how to resolve issues quickly. We use experts in high-asset divorce cases, including forensic accountants and valuation experts. We have the experience and skills to identify potential issues and create a strategy to serve the individual needs of our clients.

Our Commitment to Our Clients
From the moment a member of our legal team begins toe process of representation, a partnership is formed and all your legal issues become our own. We have earned a reputation as determined, hardworking and responsive to the needs of our clients. Through effective communication, we keep you updated on the status of your legal affairs, and we have the necessary  experience to get results.

Our Attorneys
Our attorneys are respected for successfully representing clients in need of family law services, separation maintenance, divorce, child support, custody,visitation and paternity. There name is well recognized as “the” family law attorneys in Salt Lake City. They have handled hundreds of cases involving complex and difficult issues in various courts. They have appeared and won cases in Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

 Professionalism, Knowledge, and Cost-effectiveness
We offer you the advantages of a highly focused, small-sized law firm, but with the benefits of a national law firm experience. Our clients receive high-quality, sophisticated, intense legal representation, at affordable rates.

We always endeavor to reach a cost-effective, fair resolution. In every case, our attorneys aim to bring about a civilized and quick resolution. When it is not possible to accomplish that, we offer professional legal representation. We have developed a reputation in attending to the individual needs of our clients and as experts in family law.

We have an unparalleled philosophy in handling issues in the area of family law. We believe that all clients deserve the best legal representation and individual attention. Based upon the philosophy we have created a respectable law practice and receive several referrals from satisfied clients.

Community Involvement

We believe that we should make a contribution to the transformation of our community. We understand that lawyers can provide assistance in various areas. That is why our attorneys are also involved in social welfare activities.

As a small legal firm, we offer a personalized legal services. Call us now at 801-322-8879 for a free thirty minutes consultation or email us and one of our attorneys will make time to see you for a no cost consultation.

Should I look for a reliable family lawyer in San Diego?


When it comes to define a family, most of the people refer it to the unity among people as how they live together without causing problem. No doubt it sounds too good but in reality, the ground conditions are much different. If we humans know how to love each other, we also know that sometimes adverse conditions lead to feuds and ultimately separation. This is where humanity gets ashamed.

If you think you’re capable enough to resolve all your family disputes yourself, there is no other better guy than you. But the truth is that it is much more difficult than it seems. At certain point of time, you would come across the need for legal assistance and this is where a family law attorney San Diego can help you finding the best possible solutions.

Whether it is divorce, separation, child custody, or any other issue, there is a great deal of information to be dealt with. Obviously there would be lot of emotional distress but at the same time it is also very necessary to abide by all the legal procedures to avoid any conflict at the later stage. A family lawyer is the person who specializes in family law and known to be of huge importance when it comes to deal with family matters.

If you are putting a question to yourself whether or not a family lawyeris necessary for you, think just how important it would be to do all you can to make a crucial matter as easy as possible. It is a good choice to hire someone who can feasibly manage the complexities of family law for you, thus making you to manage the financial and emotional stress for yourself.

While processing any legal work, there is a lot of paperwork and not a normal individual can perform this. Hiring a reliable family law lawyer in San Diego helps the people carry out the necessary paper work with ease. Not only that, but he or she should also be familiar with all of the complexities and timing, which can possibly get the case moving along quite smoothly.

A family law attorney helps the people save on efforts in terms of research, calling, paperwork and scheduling. Once you hand over the case to an attorney, he or she will be responsible to handle everything, checking in with you periodically with some details and instructions. In this way, you can cope up with the emotional distress while your lawyer will carry out all the legal formalities for you.

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