Find Personal Injury Attorney – Where to Start Your Search

Now where you can find a personal injury attorney? This is a good place to start your search. Our website is intended to be the meeting place for people who need lawyers and lawyers who can fulfill that need. We do not favor any of the listed attorneys here. But for your own sake, please read these tips before doing your search:

Be clear about the initial consultation. Most lawyers do not ask a fee for the initial consultation. However, to make sure, you must ask him about this or you might be obligated to pay the fee at the first meeting whether you will be hiring the lawyer or not.

Specialization. Just like doctors that specialize in a more specific field, personal injury attorneys also specialize on their specific niche. There are those that are experts on road traffic accidents while some may be more familiar with medical negligence or industrial disease.

Experience matters. There’s only one way to prove if the lawyer can handle your case well—that is, if he have handled the same cases before and succeeded.

References. Although ideal, the attorney might not give you a list of his past clients because of the attorney-client confidentiality. But you can always talk directly with people who have undergone personal injury proceedings. They can always refer a lawyer or two to you.

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