Injury Lawyer Dallas

Injury Lawyer Dallas

injury lawyer dallas

injury lawyer dallas

injury lawyer dallas
injury lawyer dallas

Dallas County DA Susan Hawk fends off allegations of financial misconduct – Dallas Morning News (blog)

Dallas Morning News (blog)

Dallas County DA Susan Hawk fends off allegations of financial misconduct
Dallas Morning News (blog)
Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk has frequently attempted to misuse public funds, a former high-ranking prosecutor said Sunday, adding that she was fired last week because she refused to comply with Hawk’s demands. But Hawk’s first assistant and more »


Man Opens Fire in Selma Church, Injuring Girlfriend, Infant and Pastor: Police –

Man Opens Fire in Selma Church, Injuring Girlfriend, Infant and Pastor: Police
The girlfriend, 24, was shot in the shoulder and jaw, and her 1-month-old child was injured in the hand, police said. The pastor, Earl Carswell, 61, was shot in the leg, police said. Witnesses … Minter was caught less than a mile away and was
UPDATE: 3 People hurt in Alabama church shooting; suspect arrested kwwl.comall 693 news articles »


Dallas Auto Wreck Lawyer: Dealing with Tailgaters – Justice News Flash

Justice News Flash

Dallas Auto Wreck Lawyer: Dealing with Tailgaters
Justice News Flash
Dallas auto accident lawyer Amy Witherite represents clients who were injured in car crashes. Ms. Witherite notes that tailgating leads to many car accidents. “Tailgating” occurs when one driver follows too closely behind another driver. If the driver



Determining the Value of a Dog Bite Case

There is no magic formula or process by which someone can predict with certainty the amount of money that a dog bite case may be worth. About 25 to 30 years ago there was some limited consensus among lawyers and insurance adjustors that a general personal injury claim may be worth three times the amount of medical expenses plus lost wages. But that so-called rule was really just a guideline for predicting how a jury might determine the value of the case. Today no such guideline or consensus exists. There are so many different factors that may influence the value of a claim that it is virtually impossible to create some type of formula that can reliably predict the value of any given case.

There are some differences with dog bite cases compared to your typical personal injury claim, like car accidents and other general negligence claims. First, because dog bites often involve the laceration, puncturing and tearing of tissue, the existence of a lasting scar or disfigurement is usually present. Although each case is different and highly dependent on the individual facts involved, I can make some general observations about these types of cases when it comes to value. Generally speaking, bites that occur to the face will command a higher settlement value than an injury inflicted on another part of the body. Obviously, a prominent scar that affects a person’s appearance will have more impact and value then if the scar is located in a place that is not easily detectable by the public.

Usually, dog bite cases involving permanent scarring or disfigurement to a female victim will command a higher settlement value then if the victim is a male. This is because most people agree that women place much more emphasis and value on their physical appearance as compared to men. But if the male victim can show that his appearance has been significantly damaged or impacted, the claim may also have high value. An example would be if the male victim were a model or other professional who relies heavily on his appearance for his livelihood.

When it comes to evaluating dog bite cases, photographs of the wound are extremely important. The photographs can help demonstrate the severity of the injury and subsequent scarring much better than the cold medical record or chart that merely contains a description from the physician. Thus, a case that involves low medical bills but has photographs showing severe and extensive wounds and/or scarring can command a very high value.

Fighting Felony Charges in Colorado

Copyright (c) 2010 Chuck Matthews

Felony charges are without question the most serious class of criminal charges a person can face in both United States and Colorado state law. In Colorado, a felony charge is generally defined as any offense for which an offender can be sentenced to the prison for more than one year, although there are also certain types of misdemeanor charges that can be classified as “aggravated” that may also carry felony-like sentences.

In Colorado, felony charges are classified and organized into 6 different classes with class 1 felonies being the most serious charges carrying the harshest penalties to class six felonies which typically carry the least harsh sentences of all felony charges. Felonies including murder, kidnapping, rape and arson are at the top of the list in both severity and punishment, being classified as Class 1 felonies. A person convicted of these kinds of felonies faces life in prison with or without parole or even the death penalty. Moving down the list of severity, class 2 felonies include manslaughter, sexual assault and some drug charges including drug trafficking. Class 3 felonies can include such charges as first degree assault or burglary and even DUI, if it is a multiple offense. Finally, some of the lesser class 3-6 felony charges involve drug crimes such as drug possession of less than 2 pounds, 3rd degree stalking and burglary, menacing and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Recent laws passed by the Colorado legislature now classify the selling or possessing the “date-rape drug” Rohypnol and the rave party drug known as Special K as felonies. Additionally, Colorado state law now classifies an adult selling illegal drugs to a minor under the age of 15 as a felony. An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will be aware of recent changes in Colorado state laws and statutes that may have an impact on your particular legal situation and be able to better formulate a plan of action that gets you the most favorable results in court.

In regards to the expungement of felony convictions in Colorado, records of a criminal conviction in Colorado generally cannot be sealed unless charges were never filed, the case was dismissed or the defendant was acquitted of felony charges. One exception to this may occur if a deferred sentence was granted in a felony case and all conditions have been satisfied. In this situation, the felony charges can be dismissed outright.

Regardless of the felony charges you may be facing, it is a serious matter which carries either potential or mandatory prison time. Such a threat requires a defense by an attorney experienced in the defense of felony charges and crimes. Plea bargaining may reduce your charges to misdemeanors or other favorable outcomes. A trial may be the only way to avoid an injustice. There is much work to be done in either case. Consider that the prosecution has largely prepared their case before you even start.

Facing this reality, if you are charged with a felony crime in Colorado you need to speak with an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Contracting the services of an attorney experienced in defending felony crimes will give you the best chance to save your reputation, freedom and even your life depending on the charges.


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