Kansas City Injury Lawyer

Kansas City Injury Lawyer

kansas city injury lawyer

kansas city injury lawyer

kansas city injury lawyer
kansas city injury lawyer

A Legacy – Legal Examiner


A Legacy
Legal Examiner
The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation’s Legacy award is presented to an individual who, by extraordinary effort, demonstrates a unique dedication to the principles of liberty and justice by virtue of professional service, community service


Lawyers sending out text messages to try and get work – Kansas City Star


Lawyers sending out text messages to try and get work
Kansas City Star
Atkinson said the Bar is controlled by elite, moneyed lawyers who look askance at what they consider their lesser brethren, such as personal injury and criminal defense lawyers, who stand to benefit the most from more liberal rules for soliciting clients.and more »


GM to pay $575M to settle ignition switch lawsuits – Kansas City Star


GM to pay $575M to settle ignition switch lawsuits
Kansas City Star
The company on Thursday said it reached a deal with Texas personal injury lawyer Bob Hilliard to settle 1,385 death and injury cases that he filed over crashes caused by the switches. The money also will be used to settle a 2014 class-action lawsuit and more »



Seo And Ppc For Law Firms, Squash Your Competition – Articlesbase

It always pays to be ahead of the competition but the question is: how to get ahead? The laws of internet marketing are different from newspaper, magazine or television advertising. Hence, your law firm’s strategy should incorporate the elements that play an important role over the internet and can get targeted traffic or prospective clients to your website.

There are two important elements of internet marketing: SEO or search engine optimization and PPC or Pay Per Click. Now there are many internet marketing professionals who feel that PPC is better than SEO or vice-versa. The truth is that both are effective ways of increasing your firm’s visibility over the internet. Pay Per Click is a good option for short-term benefits while SEO is good for long-term benefits. The crux of the matter is that you should use both PPC and SEO to gain maximum benefit. Ultimately, the people that have implemented PPC and aren’t happy, haven’t implemented it properly or hired the right help. The same is true with Search engine optimization.

Let us take a look PPC and SEO in greater detail:

PPC: PPC or Pay Per Click, classified as paid advertising, is a very important element of search engine marketing. Lawyers and attorneys should opt for PPC to start with as it will offer you an instant way to reach qualified prospects. The top players in PPC include Google AdWords, MSN adCenter, and Yahoo Sponsored Search. There are also a large number of internet advertising agencies that offer pay per click, par per acquisition, affiliate programs, pay for performance and more.

The areas that you need to focus on while employing PPC include:

Keywords – First things first, you will need to compile a list of keywords and keyword phrases that are fairly popular and used more often by an internet user. For example: Washington lawyer or Kentucky attorney etc. Often times more elaborate phrases are just as effective, but provide a lower cost per click price. Keyword research often times determines whether a pay per click campaign will succeed or fail from the start.

Ad Groups – Your main goal should be to divide the keywords into different groups so that each of them can be used effectively in a particular ad. For example: you can use the keyword criminal attorney in one ad and Washington lawyer in another. Ads with higher click thru rates obtain higher rankings at the same cost per click – therefore you can grab those top rankings without the top pricing. Review our PPC guide for tips on improving performance.
Ad Copy – The ad copy has to be crisp and relevant and should create the necessary impact. It should have a call to action so that an internet user looking for a lawyer or law firm clicks on your ad. You should include the keywords being searched for in the ad copy and use a verb to initiate impulse to click the advertisement.

Keyword Conversions – Once you are on your road to success with Pay Per Click, you need to begin finding out what keywords are converting in to emails and phone calls. That way you can determine where to increase your budget, and where to skim off some wasteful spending. Constantly improving your campaign will eventually lead to an amazingly successful campaign and bring in business and saves you money.

SEO: Search engine optimization is a process of increasing the organic search engine listing rankings, to increase organic rankings. These rankings are determined by the search engines and cannot be bought. Using this method will help you increase your law firm’s website visibility and also help drive quality traffic to your website. The SEO services process uses organic search engine results to drive traffic to a website.

Here is a SEO checklist for attorneys and lawyers who want to improve their search engine rankings through changes on their website:

* Use the name of your local cities and your state that you will target in your website content, meta tags titles
* Mention the various specializations or areas of practice for targeting the right audience.
* Keywords used in the website content should include your GEO or state/city + AOP or area of expertise + attorney or lawyer. For example: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney or Kansas City DUI Defense Lawyer
* Use your necessary keywords in your page URLs, Titles Meta Tags.
* Make the content interactive, informational, and relevant to create an impulse to obtain conversions and inquiries. Regularly add more information regarding your practice areas and provide business updates to improve your relevance and trust.
* Build incoming links to your law firm’s website from relevant and popular websites. Obtaining links from other websites pointing to your website will make a major impact.

Using both PPC and SEO tactics will help build a solid client base for you over the internet.

Implementing these two tactics can create a drastic improvement in search results which can lead to valuable clients and cases that help grow your business.

Learn The Ways Insurance Companies Drag Their Feet To Delay or …

Insurance companies have been known to use many different delay tactics when it comes to settling or paying out on an insurance claim following an injury accident. It is often said that insurance companies possess two faces, one outward and one inward face. An insurance company’s outer face is its insurance agents. The insurance agents exist to sell you your policy and answer your questions and alleviate your concerns regarding your insurance coverage. An insurance company’s inner-face is its insurance adjusters. These are the men and women who many people feel, and sometimes justly so, exist solely to diminish and tear down claims. Insurance companies make use of a multitude of superior and usually unreasonable devices aimed at escalating their profits, something that anyone who has ever been the victim of an injury accident knows full well.

It is a shock to no one that the insurance companies are in the business of earning money; nevertheless, the roster of tactics employed to refute claims (and as a result guaranteeing a profit on their end) appears to have increased enormously as of late. With the downturn of the American economy over the past year or so, insurance companies are being unusually aggressive with their tactics. According to the American Association for Justice, a report titled “Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse”, the insurance industry’s numerous attempts to maximize their profits are becoming a negative for their customers.

Below you will find a description of some of the more aggressive tactics currently being employed by the insurance companies, according to the American Association of Justice’s report.

Denying Claims is becoming the first line of defense for insurance companies trying to maximize profits. Large companies such as Allstate, AIG and State Farm will deny legitimate claims no matter how much evidence supports the customer. They are even going so far as to reward employees for denying claims in which a customer could receive a huge pay out. The most penalized sufferers of the denied claim tactic are our most-mature citizens. Insurance companies are known for stringing-out payments for older injury victims, waiting for the victim to pass away, which allows the insurance companies to get out of paying the claim at all.

Another way insurance companies are able to avoid ugly settlements that can lower their profit margin is by writing confusing and hard to understand policies. Be honest. Have you actually read your entire insurance policy? If you have not, now is as good of a time as ever to read it over. Insurance companies sometimes intentionally word their policy so that it is hard to understand the technicalities of the legalities. They’re also counting on you not reading the fine print.

Low credit scores for customers is becoming an increasingly easy way for big insurance companies to justify increasing premiums and denying injury claims. An additional harmful consequence of the recession is that consumers who at one time maintained reputable credit scores are now watching their credit scores fall for a multitude of reasons. This is giving insurance companies all the cause they require to drastically raise your premium despite you having done nothing to violate the terms of your policy.

One of the most seemingly unjustified ways companies are saving a buck is by abandoning sick customers. At some point in time we’ve all questioned why we need insurance if we are healthy but we all appreciate having solid insurance when we do fall ill. Insurance companies today are finding loopholes in policies that unfairly or not is allowing them to cancel polices or deny claims when a consumer becomes sick, at a time when they need the backing of their insurance company more than ever.

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