Personal Injury Lawyer Brooklyn Ny

Personal Injury Lawyer Brooklyn Ny

personal injury lawyer brooklyn ny

personal injury lawyer brooklyn ny

personal injury lawyer brooklyn ny
personal injury lawyer brooklyn ny

POLITICO New York Playbook: GOVS’ tunnel plan — GE cutting NY jobs — BLOODY … – Politico


POLITICO New York Playbook: GOVS’ tunnel plan — GE cutting NY jobs — BLOODY
SCHNEIDERMAN’S TECH AGENDA — POLITICO New York’s Colby Hamilton: As federal “dysfunction” forces them to step up regulatory efforts, state and local governments need to develop new policies for the growing tech sectors in order to balance the need and more »


Police Brutality Cases Embraced By Personal Injury Attorneys Looking For Big … – International Business Times

International Business Times

Police Brutality Cases Embraced By Personal Injury Attorneys Looking For Big
International Business Times
Chris Fitzgerald, an attorney in New York City who focuses on civil rights and personal injury litigation, compared what phone cameras are doing for the justice system and civil rights now to what television did for civil rights in the 1960s, with the  


Dr. Leonard Morse, Plaintiff-Appellee v. John Fusto and Jose Castillo … – New York Law Journal (registration)


Dr. Leonard Morse, Plaintiff-Appellee v. John Fusto and Jose Castillo
New York Law Journal (registration)
The defendants, John Fusto, a former prosecutor with the New York State Attorney General’s Office Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, and Jose Castillo, a former audit-investigator with the Unit, appeal from the September 16, 2013, judgment of the United  



Medical Malpractice and Accident Lawyers in Brooklyn – Articlesbase

Sometimes people go through injuries that cause a threat to life, health and security. As life, health and security are essential to the well-being of citizens, there are several rights in place to safeguard the life and security of an individual. The health of an individual can be put to risk by several external factors. These include accidents and medical malpractices. Most cases of personal injuries are a result of negligence of others.

In such cases the victim or the aggrieved can seek justice and can be compensated for loses. An aggrieved individual can consult with personal injury or Medical Malpractice Lawyers Brooklyn.

A case is termed as one of Medical Malpractice when negligence on behalf of a health care professional causes a temporary or permanent damage to an individual. While the emotional trauma cannot be erased, it is possible to financially compensate for the loss of the affected individual. Medical Malpractices can include:

Improper administration of drugs and improper prescriptions: Sometimes negligence on the part of a doctor or other healthcare professional results into administration and prescription of drugs that is not suited for a particular case. In such situations individuals have the right to approach the law and have medical malpractice lawyers look into their case.

Misdiagnosis of diseases: A misdiagnosis can lead to several complications in the treatment procedures of a patient. For example, cancer misdiagnosis can lead to emotional stress. Also, the physical effects of wrong treatment procedures if any applied can have undesirable consequences. If a person believes that they have a potential case they can get in touch with Medical Malpractice Lawyers Brooklyn, NY.

Accidents can cause a lot of physical damage. In the case of an accident, if the injured party is certain that the accident was caused due to the negligence of the other party involved they have the right to seek justice. Liability can be determined and compensation can be granted to the victims. Motor vehicle and construction accidents are some of the most common cases registered. Car accident lawyers and Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyers can handle cases involving accidents.

Accidents come with medical expenses, damage to life and property, loss of working days and any expenses that may be borne by the affected party during recovery stages. Determining who is responsible for the damages in cases of accidents is a complex matter. Limited time frames for action and external authority like the site of the accident, municipalities etc. may come into play. It is therefore important for such cases to be reported at the earliest.

State Senator Wants to Require Bike-Safety Training … For Drivers

In September, 23-year-old Jasmine Herron, of Brooklyn, N.Y., was killed while riding her bicycle when a motorist opened her car door into the bicyclist’s path, knocking her off her bike and into the path of a bus. Since then, Herron’s mother has teamed up with New York State Senator Eric Adams to propose a Jasmine Herron law that would require the state’s mandatory five-hour driver education class to include ways to avoid accidents with bicyclists, skaters, skateboarders and any other mode of non-vehicle transportation.

The incident in which the young woman was killed is called “dooring.” There are similar incidents every year in New York in which bicyclists have been knocked off their bikes when traveling close to a parked vehicle that suddenly opens its door into the biker’s path.

New York City bicyclists are required to ride in designated bike lanes, if available, and are subject to hefty fines for “reckless operation of a bicycle” if they fail to do so. The cyclist is excused if the bike lane is blocked or there are hazards in the path.

Up until now, bicyclists have frequently had to assume the risk of injury or death on New York City streets if they choose to bike instead of drive or walk. Adams’ proposal would start the process of educating motorists of the need to be aware of pedestrians and others who are legally on the roadways and to take measures to look before exiting their autos for oncoming bicyclists, skateboarders or skaters who may not be aware of them.

Obviously, more bike lanes are needed, but this is no guarantee against injury, as motorists park alongside bike lanes and cars use the lanes to get around traffic or to prepare to make turns. Bicyclists routinely encounter congested streets, the lack of bike lanes, constant construction, blocked roads, running pedestrians and angry drivers. While bicyclists need to be constantly aware of motorists and to take a preventive approach for their safety, drivers also need to take more responsibility in sharing the road with bicyclists and to not treat them as the enemy.

The existence of a bike lane should alert motorists to the presence of bicyclists on city streets and to allow them safe passage. Signs reminding motorists there are bicyclists or others legally on the roadway might also prompt more awareness of their presence. Increased fines or penalties for dooring might also cause drivers to look before they open their car doors on a city street.

If you have been injured in a dooring accident or another type of bike accident, you may have a claim for personal injuries and damages to your property.

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