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Texas attorney general Ken Paxton hires new legal team –

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton hires new legal team
Ken Paxton FILE – In this Wednesday, July 29, 2015 file photo, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks during a hearing in Austin, Texas. On Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, Kent Schaffer, a special prosecutor, told the New York Times that Paxton has been …and more »


Bogus attorney charged for operating fraudulent law practice –

Cherry Hill Courier Post

Bogus attorney charged for operating fraudulent law practice
A Burlington County man has been charged with running a fraudulent law practice and swindling 74 clients between 2003 and 2015, federal prosecutors announced Thursday. According to prosecutors, Leaford George Cameron, 64, pretended to be a lawyer …
Man allegedly posed as lawyer Cherry Hill Courier Postall 6 news articles »


EDPA US Attorney Cracks Down on Improper Conduct – The Legal Intelligencer


EDPA US Attorney Cracks Down on Improper Conduct
The Legal Intelligencer
The indictment alleges Cameron falsely swore on legal forms that he was a lawyer licensed in Pennsylvania and signed his name with an “ESQ” at the end. He used the attorney identification numbers of four Pennsylvania attorneys and used various and more »



The Revised Authoritative Guide To Vaccine Legal Exemptions

Recommended! Finally, Reliable Vaccine Legal Exemption Information From A Knowledgeable Attorney. For Parents, Students, Immigrants, Employees, Attorneys, Healthcare Professionals, Agencies–anyone Serious About Vaccine Exemptions In The U.s. (pdf Format
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Copyright For Artists: Quick And Easy Copyright Protection

Copyright For Artists Was Written By An Attorney And Jeweler. It Is Over 30 Pages Long. It Contains Specific Illustrations, Graphs, Links, Resources And Information For Artists About How To Protect Their Arts And Crafts.
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legal attorney

Hiring a Contract Law Attorney & The Benefits

The current change in the economic climate has brought some unprecedented challenges to the legal department. Many firms have eventually restructured their legal departments which have resulted in slimmer attorney and staff head counts. This has not affected the number of lawsuits but someone is always required to handle them efficiently. Thereby, when the increase of workflow is felt in the department, a contract attorney is hired. This happens to be a wise solution for handling peaks in the upcoming cases and deadline driven projects of the firm.

It gets important to understand the role of a contract attorney and how their expertise can be beneficial in the recent legal landscape. A law firm always relies on generating huge profits in order to stay in the business. Hiring a permanent law attorney to take on the fluctuating volumes of client work will eventually erode a firm’s profitability ratio. This is why, much of the project driven legal work is given to the contingent teams of contract lawyers, thereby saving a whole lot of money.

Contract attorneys were primarily used for offering litigating support to the business. Law firms use the Palo Alto Contract Attorney for substantive roles in order to become cost competitive.

The in-house legal departments try to curtail the costs while maximizing the level of resources and revenues. The contract attorneys of today’s age can perform several functions of an in-house counsel and a full time associate.

Some of their areas of practice mainly include the following:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Compliance regulatory
  • IP work
  • Litigation support
  • Labor and employment.

The benefits of hiring a contract attorney have been mentioned below. Have a look at them.

  • Contract attorneys are less expensive to employ than the full timers.
  • By hiring a contract attorney, a small firm can eventually look ahead to taking up the projects.  They would otherwise decline or refer elsewhere due to lack of time. The temporary team handles influxes of work and also provides solutions to handle large scale matters.
  • Hiring contract attorneys on project basis has its own benefits. This way, the organization gets to know how well they fit into the missions offered. A legal staffing agency is used to scrutinize prospective full time employees and this makes lot of sense.
  • A lot of convenience is felt even without hiring salaried attorneys in order to grow the business.
  • As long as the final fee charged to the client is reasonable, law firms can continue adding a surcharge to the fees of their contract attorney.
  • The firm gets the opportunity to identify and evaluate the potential talent of the law attorneys working on contractual basis.
  • Experienced trial attorneys can offer strategic planning insight to the business.
  • Contract attorneys always work on payrolls. This leads to huge savings on employer burden.

The legal department is evolving and the leaders are always in need for the experienced contract attorneys who can bring innovation in the work process. The concept of hiring a contract attorney is nothing new but the progressive concept has eventually pushed the old idea into new areas.

How To Choose A Fresno Civil Attorney – A Few Guidelines

California is a great state within the United States and is quite developed as far as infrastructure and other facilities are concerned. Along with development there are people with difference of opinions and preferences. As a stable state with an efficient judiciary mechanism, California Law is considered as one of the most stringent laws across the States. There are several Federal Courts of Justice, which are promptly delivering justice for the people in dispute and for the people seeking legal rights. Fresno, being the fifth largest city in California, is regularly dealing with legal battles in Civil and Criminal offenses. Civil legal matters being one of the most prevalent cases in the court of law, has raised the demand of Fresno Civil Attorney in Fresno as well as in the entire state of California.

What does Fresno Civil Attorney do:

In general Civil Attorneys are hired for legal liasoning for the clients in cases related to civil matters. These could be matters regarding Alimony, Civil Discriminations, Debt Settlements, Civil Properties as well as claims related to Personal Injury. A competent and professional Fresno Civil Attorney is very much aware about the civil legal procedures, along with all the paper works that needs to be produced before the court of law justifying the claims of the clients. The Civil Attorneys are general hired for filing and pursuing non-criminal cases related to private and public property, and any other such matters related to a civilian/ citizen.

How will one know if he or she needs a Civil Attorney:

Any entity or individual, who is thinking about filing a lawsuit against any one needs professional legal advice prior to doing so. Everyone is not aware about the procedures, steps and paper works that are involved in civil litigations. If anyone is facing any such issues, which are non-criminal in nature, he/she can hire a professional Fresno Civil Attorney to file a claim in any Federal Court of Law. A competent Civil Attorney can also advice you on resolving the issues in alternative dispute resolution outside the court of law, if permitted under a mutually conducive environment.

How are the costs involved:

In Fresno, when a person thinks about hiring Fresno Civil Attorney the costs are usually quite different from one law firm to another. Some attorneys demand per hour fees for any such cases, while others may ask for a pre-negotiated percentage of the claims to be filed under the civil rights law. There are litigation attorneys, who may ask for contingency fees for fighting or defending the cases in the Court of Law. Due to the varied nature of fee structures for hiring any professional Fresno Civil Attorney its always better to ask upfront about the fee structures involved in fighting or filing any legal matter through a competent attorney.

What can you expect from a Civil Attorney:

The outcomes of cases vary differently depending upon the strength of the cases and the evidences available as well as the circumstances involved. It is quite difficult to predict the outcomes while filing a case. But any professional Fresno Mediation Attorney will be by your side, while standing for you at the Court of Law. Your lawyer can be a professional guide to settle your claims effectively and promptly, while protecting your interests in civil matters.

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