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Local attorneys team up for new law firm – Lancaster Eagle Gazette


Local attorneys team up for new law firm
Lancaster Eagle Gazette
LANCASTER — Local attorneys Scott Wood and Aaron Conrad have formed Conrad and Wood Law after Wood left the Dagger, Johnston, Miller, Ogilvie & Hampson law firm after 23 years. They will specialize primarily on criminal and traffic defense. The new … 


Attorneys, staff helping local foster kids – Chippewa Herald


Attorneys, staff helping local foster kids
Chippewa Herald
EAU CLAIRE — A local law firm, Richie, Wickstrom and Wachs, decided to get involved and help foster children in the Eau Claire area. “We saw the need to help, because of the utter sadness some of these kids are experiencing,” attorney Beverly  


Attorneys for Zambrano-Montes’ family say lawsuit is coming – KEPR 19


Attorneys for Zambrano-Montes’ family say lawsuit is coming
Attorneys for the family of Antonio Zambrano-Montes released statements Wednesday saying they did not agree with the Franklin County Prosecutor’s decision to not press charges against the Pasco police officers who shot and killed Zambrano-Montes in …
No charges, but Pasco police shooting case far from over KOMO News
Charging decision doesn’t end police killing cases KSBY San Luis Obispo News
Prosecutor will not charge Pasco cops in fatal shooting KING5.comall 313 news articles »



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Private Money Fast Start For Real Estate

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Five Different Types of Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers have a unique job in that they defend a person that has been convicted of a crime.  Though some may not consider this a dream job, for many criminal lawyers, they feel they are offering a service to those that are otherwise defenseless.  Those who have taken on the role of a criminal lawyer recognize that the person they defend may not be guilty, and are there to step in and be their voice of defense.  They consider it a valuable job, and one that protects liberty, freedom, and justice for all.  There are many avenues a criminal lawyer could take in his or her career.  Below are 5 different types of criminal lawyers.

First, there is the public defender.  These attorneys are employed by the state or county where the defendant is being prosecuted.  Public defenders are given a lot of different cases, and are employed by the either the county, state, or federal government to support those that cannot afford to pay for a lawyer by themselves.

Next, is the private lawyer.  These types of criminal lawyers are hired by clients that can afford to pay for his or her own lawyer.  They often represent those who are convicted of “white-collar” crimes, but of course, this is not always the case.  At any rate, because of the expense of hiring a private lawyer, this type of criminal lawyer generally caters to a particular demographic.

Another type of criminal lawyer is a nonprofit lawyer.  These types of lawyers often belong to legal aid societies.  Similar to public lawyers, nonprofit lawyers defend those that are unable to pay for their own personal lawyer to defend them in a court of law.

A district attorney is another type of criminal lawyer.  The state and federal governing bodies are responsible for the prosecution of potential criminals, and when there is a need, the request goes to the local district attorney’s office.  From here, there is a staff of assistant district attorneys that will help prosecute the suspected criminal.

Finally, a United States attorney is the last type of criminal lawyer.  This type of lawyer is also known as the “Attorney General” and is the chief of all attorneys, not to mention the head of all law enforcement nationwide.  This lawyer is picked by the President, and confirmed by the Senate.  Within each federal district court, the Attorney General’s assistants help prosecute various potential criminals.

You can see from the above list that there are many various types of criminal lawyers, from simple local public lawyers to the high-ranking Attorney General.  Depending on the severity of the crime and who the potential criminal is, some defendants will be dealt with in a county or or state court, and some may go all the way up to a federal court.  One thing is for sure with all of these types of criminal lawyers, and that is that they view their work as highly important in order to keep the peace and protect the freedom of all.

Hire the Best Attorneys in Oklahoma City

Everything is based on certain rules and principles. Therefore, every nation has its own set of law and orders that help them to maintain total peace and harmony in within the county. Thus, they have made things that are much systematized and organized for everyone. They follow some very simple strategies. Therefore, all these things are very plain and simple for everyone to understand. They have every right to reward the one who is doing good and punish the one who has caused some harm to someone or to his/her personal or professional life. The judicial system of every nation holds a very crucial place and value. People keep full belief on them and bring their problems to the notice of these judicial authorities. However, it is not that easy for one single person to listen to each and every individual and so, they have created different centers where these people can visit and discuss their problems.

Nowadays, you can find people dealing in various departments. You can find attorneys or city lawyers who are responsible for handling all sort of government matters. Moreover, they can also take legal action against minor cases or crimes happening in the city. Therefore, they focus entirely on their domain and thus, benefit the local residents in a lot many ways. If you are also looking for some assistance related to your family matter then should certainly consult a professional family lawyer. These family lawyers are well-qualified and experienced enough to tackle with all these family affairs. These family issues mainly include cases related to property, domestic abuse, divorce and child custody. Similarly, you can look up for other lawyers as well who are dealing in various other departments apart from these family issues. These days, you can find people facing a lot of problem in their business. Therefore, you are suggested to hire one who is specialized in handling the business concerns only.

Nowadays, due to so much of competition in Oklahoma, these lawyers have cut down their prices and service charges. Thus, you can easily hire lawyers and attorneys in Oklahoma City at a very nominal price range. You can look up for such lawyers over the internet. You can search for keywords like Attorney Oklahoma City. This way, you will be able to find some proficient lawyers who are located nearby your region. You can discuss your issues with them either by meeting them personally or by sending an email directly.

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