New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney

Exactly How a Lawyer Can Aid With Your Car Crash Claim

Connecting with the Other Driver’s Insurance provider

In any kind of personal injury situation, your attorney will open up a line of communication with the insurance policy insurer for the other party (or celebrations) included. The insurer has the pocketbook, and so it is vital for a plaintiff’s legal representative to have great interactions and a great relationship with the insurer.

Acquiring Required Evidence of Obligation

A good attorney can aid get every one of the evidence that you will certainly require to show responsibility in an automobile crash case. Although you might have already taken photographs of the mishap scene, your lawyer will most likely go back to the scene him/herself to see what it looks like. While a photo may deserve a thousand words, actually seeing the scene can be worth a thousand pictures.

The attorney will make certain to get all of the mishap or police records in the event and will certainly commonly talk to the checking out policeman and witnesses. A good attorney will leave no stone unturned when it concerns obtaining proof of obligation. Find out more about verifying fault for an automobile mishap.

Obtaining Essential Evidence of Damages

This is where an excellent legal representative can be important to your instance, especially when you’ve endured substantial automobile accident injuries.

It is essential to get all paperwork related to your injuries, however, it isn’t constantly easy to get your hands on those documents and expenses from health care service providers. Although the records are practically yours, and also you have an absolute right to them, sending medical records to patients as well as attorneys is simply not a health care company’s initial top priority.

Tiny medical professionals’ offices might not have the staffing or the moment to reply to medical record requests on a prompt basis. Huge health centers might have specific treatments that must be followed in order to respond to medical record demands. If you do not follow their procedures (which they commonly do not advertise very well), they just will not reply to your demand.

Then, when the health care carrier does react to the demand, the records might be insufficient. Any kind of legal representative’s secretary or legal assistant will certainly tell you that they typically have to request the exact same documents greater than as soon as and that they need to follow up endlessly with the company’s workplace.

Finally, it may end up that the doctor did not utilize the “magic words” regarding causation, diagnosis, as well as disability in his/her notes. In order to efficiently prosecute any kind of accident case, you need to have the ability to show, via clinical proof.

What Are My Options If I Get Struck by an Uninsured Motorist? In New York State if you are involved in an automobile accident you are entitled to personal injury protection (PIP) regardless of who may be at fault due to the state’s No-Fault law. In instances when another individual’s negligence was the cause of the accident you can make a bodily injury claim through the at-fault vehicle’s insurance to be compensated for your liability claim. There are times, however, when one may be struck by an individual with insufficient coverage. Read on to see the options available to you if ever faced with this scenario.


All drivers in New York State are required to purchase liability insurance that meets the following standards:

  • Bodily Injury minimum: Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage minimum: Minimum $10,000 (does not apply to your own vehicle)
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury minimum: Minimum $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident (cannot exceed your BI liability limits)
  • Basic Personal Injury Protection minimum: Minimum $50,000

Despite these requirements, there are about 5.3% of drivers in New York operate their vehicles without insurance. Though this places NY as 3rd lowest state (behind Massachusetts and Maine) with uninsured motorists, this still means that there are thousands of drivers out there with inadequate coverage.

The UM coverage helps you if you do not have access to an adverse vehicle’s liability insurance due to an accident caused by:

  • Unidentified hit and run driver
  • Uninsured out-of-state motor vehicle
  • Uninsured NY motor vehicle
  • Stolen motor vehicle
  • A motor vehicle operated without the consent of the owner
  • Unregistered motor vehicle

The Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC) while also providing protection in accidents involving uninsured motorists, only steps in as the last resort.


Unlike uninsured motorist BI coverage, underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) is not required by New York State. It provides coverage if the at-fault driver in an accident has insufficient liability coverage to fully compensate you.

In both UM and UIM cases, a claim has to be filed against your own insurance to process bodily injury claims. UIM claims come into effect after the at-fault driver’s liability has been exhausted. If you find yourself seriously injured by an underinsured motorist, you may have a UIM claim if the injuries you sustain surpass the limits of the negligent driver’s policy.


Although most insurance companies will acknowledge and honor the UM/UIM provisions of your policy, there are some who may try to reject your UM/UIM claim or offer you very little compensation. It is thus very important to reach out to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney

New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney

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New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney
New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney

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