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new york attorney directory
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Debevoise Loses Intellectual Property Group Chief to DOJ – The American Lawyer


Debevoise Loses Intellectual Property Group Chief to DOJ
The American Lawyer
A stint as a federal prosecutor in a busy district has long been a ticket into Big Law’s partnership ranks for ambitious young lawyers. The average age for assistant U.S. attorneys is a relatively tender 47, according to Yale Law School figures. At 60


Left-Leaning BigLaw’s Most Liberal Firms – Law360 (subscription)


Left-Leaning BigLaw’s Most Liberal Firms
Law360 (subscription)
Law360, New York (August 31, 2015, 6:57 PM ET) — A new study on the ideology of American lawyers concludes that attorneys tend to lean left, especially those at the nation’s 25 largest law firms, and found that WilmerHale clinches the title of most


Moolah for Diversity – The American Lawyer


Moolah for Diversity
The American Lawyer
Correction: The second post on Amy Chua’s daughters mistakenly identified Sophie as the subject of the Harvard Magazine profile. It was Lulu who was profiled. We regret the error. It’s August. And no one is in the mood to read anything long and ponderous.



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Consumer right protection in an open market economy

Globalization has an important effect on regional economies, societies and cultures. This is done by integrating a global network of societies, cultures and trade. The term is associated with economic globalization. There has been a positive effect on the development of third world nations.

India, China has emerged as global powers in terms of consumer market and cheap labor. This has resulted in improved opportunity for jobs that is pouring in from USA, Europe, etc. The integration of consumer market world wide has resulted in aggressive marketing. Several large corporations are doing business in USA.

There are several types of consumer protection laws to protect the interest of the consumers. This ensures quality control of product being sold in US market. The governments on several occasions promote competition to some extent. This indirectly has resulted in consumer protection too.

This is because presence of one single company for a particular product will result in monopoly business. If the product is a necessity then the consumers will be left with no space to bargain.

A consumer is a person who has purchased a good or a service with the intention of using it. A person who has purchased for the purpose of resale can’t be called a consumer. He can be retailer, distributor, agent, etc but not a consumer under any circumstance.

Here in USA both the federal and state governments take care of consumer related matters. There are several types of laws taking care of consumer related affairs, they are:
1) Fair Credit Reporting Act (federal law)
2) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (USA Statute)

3) Truth in Lending Act (federal law)
4) Fair Credit Billing Act (federal law)
5) Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act or Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999

There are several other acts that are in the process of drafting and many other that will come up in the future. The federal level consumer protection is enforced by Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice.

There are several consumer protection groups and together lobbying groups which influence legislation. There are several groups and forums which educate consumers and provide them with tips in case of consumer right violation.

In terms of consumer protection law California has the most stringent protection laws. This is due to the presence of several influence groups that are active in this state –Consumer Federation of America, Utility Consumers Action Network, etc.

In case your consumer rights have been violated contact a Consumer Law Attorney. There are several good consumer lawyers who you can find from online legal directories or simply from internet. You can also get a lawyer or an attorney from consumer forums too.

If you are looking for a New York based reputed lawyer, please visit New York Attorney Directory to get the required information.

What to do when your doctor abandons you at the time of your need

Getting proper medical care in times of need is essential. What to do if your doctor fails to show up at the time you need him/her most? It is a breach of duty and a case of medical malpractice, as per New York state laws, as well. If you have encountered something like this, it is best to talk to medical malpractice lawyer immediately.

After the establishment of the doctor-patient relationship, it requires particular situations for termination. If your physician has abandoned you, it is necessary to report the incident at the New York State Department of Health. However, if the abandonment has resulted in injuries, it is necessary to file a lawsuit. Before you get in touch with a legal professional, here is a quick glance through the facts related to such an incident.

Legal termination of doctor-patient relationship – According to New York laws, you or your doctor may opt for termination of the relationship in certain circumstances. These are as follows:

•    Irreconcilable differences of opinion
•    Patient’s refusal to opt for a certain treatment
•    Criminal activities of the patient – like theft/fraud
•    Sexual advances (from the patient)
•    Doctor’s irresponsibility in duties
•    Patient’s failure to pay for treatment
•    Patient’s violent or abusive behavior

However, the doctor requires notifying the patient about his/her inability to treat the patient further. If it is the doctor’s decision, he/she requires arranging for replacement.

Illegal termination of doctor-patient relationship – If your doctor abandons you without notification, it is medical malpractice. Suppose your doctor has a personal task to complete. In such a circumstance, it is necessary that he/she arrange for another doctor to take care of the patient. Other such situations include –
1. Refusal to treat a patient admitted on their request
2. Failure to get the level of care required for a particular patient
3. Failure to provide treatment in case of not finding a replacement
4. Failure to respond to a patient’s treatment requirement from a healthcare facility
5. Failure to turn up at the time of important medical procedures like surgery

New York medical malpractice laws outline the basics of how to prove a patient abandonment case. Whether you are a resident of Suffolk or Brooklyn, these laws are applicable on your case. Here are the things you need to prove at a court of law.

•    There was an established doctor-patient relationship
•    Therefore, the doctor owed a duty of care
•    The patient had reasonable expectation of the same
•    Yet, the doctor failed to provide care
•    The patient suffered injuries for the doctor’s failure

It is wise to talk to a Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer if you suffer injuries because of a negligent doctor. He/she knows how to approach the case in the best possible manner. To find the lawyer who is quite experienced in handling such cases, you may go through the 800 New York lawyer directory. Here you will have the option to choose a best lawyer profile.

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