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O’Donnell attorney blasts Bungie for betraying its founding composer – VentureBeat


O’Donnell attorney blasts Bungie for betraying its founding composer
The legal battle between composer Marty O’Donnell and Bungie, the game studio that made Destiny and Halo, took a huge personal toll and tore friendships apart, according to O’Donnell’s attorney. The story is like a plot from a video game — and not a and more »


Know when you need to hire a lawyer for personal injury claim – Winston-Salem Journal


Know when you need to hire a lawyer for personal injury claim
Winston-Salem Journal
Many personal injury claims are relatively minor in nature. While consulting an attorney is almost always what you should do, you do not have to hire an attorney and pay an attorney’s contingent fee agreement unless the nature of the claim justifies it.


Police Brutality Cases Embraced By Personal Injury Attorneys Looking For Big … – International Business Times

International Business Times

Police Brutality Cases Embraced By Personal Injury Attorneys Looking For Big
International Business Times
Chris Fitzgerald, an attorney in New York City who focuses on civil rights and personal injury litigation, compared what phone cameras are doing for the justice system and civil rights now to what television did for civil rights in the 1960s, with the



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Personal & Business Legal Forms, Contracts And Agreements. Popular Forms Include Bill Of Sale, Power Of Attorney, Last Will, Promissory Note, Prenuptial Agreement, Landlord And Tenant Forms And Guardianship Forms.
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How To Win Child Custody

How To Win Child Custody By The Custody Coach – Proven Strategies That Can Win You Custody And Save You Thousands In Attorney Costs! Overcome The Learning Curve Of A Divorce And Child Custody Battle That Can Cost You A Fortune And Even Your Children!
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personal attorneypersonal attorneypersonal attorney

Hiring a personal attorney vs. Legal Aid or court appointed attorney’s

Hiring Personal Attorneys Vs. Court Appointed Lawyers And Legal Aid

A number of people who require legal help cannot afford the fees that are associated with hiring a lawyer. An individual in this situation may turn to the services of a legal aid clinic or a court appointed attorney. Many people who make this choice end up disappointed and discouraged because of the lack of effort put forth by these affordable legal services.

Although Legal aid clinics has helped many people through some terrible circumstances they , on the other hand, have numerous disadvantages when it comes to dealing with masses of people looking for legal help. A legal aid clinic is a program that allows law school students to receive hands on training. The program allows students to gain experience and offer legal advice and a number of different services to clients. These students don’t receive compensation for any legal help they provide. In many jurisdictions, inexperienced students are allowed to argue for their clients in court. This type of free legal help isn’t equivalent to the type of help that can be provided by a private attorney. Many legal aid clinics are not provided the proper funding to deal with the high number of cases that they receive. People seeking legal advice from attorneys at these clinics may have to wait for hours or even weeks for assistance. They are then forced to routinely turn away large numbers of applicants for legal services due to under funding and limited staffing. Additionally, legal aid clinics can only take certain types of cases. Majority of legal aid offices do not accept cases involving criminal, divorce, visitation rights, child support, child custody, bankruptcy, and emergencies.

In many cases, an individual who can’t afford a lawyer may be appointed one by the court. Private practice lawyers are assigned to represent defendants and are paid by the court. The amount a lawyer receives may be significantly less than what he or she would bill an actual client. Many times, these attorneys do not work as hard as they would if they were privately hired.. …Clients may not receive the extra care and attention that they need. Court appointed attorneys are also chosen at random, so an individual may get one who has no experience or is not familiar with the related legal issue. In some instances if you are charged with a civil offense, such as bankruptcy or injury to another person, you will not be eligible for a court appointed attorney. What could be another disadvantage of a court appointed attorney? Court appointed attorney’s is not necessarily a free service. If a defendant is found to be guilty and is put on probation, the probation terms may require that he or she reimburses the county for the attorney fees. Many times, this amount is less than what it would cost to hire the lawyer outright.

A number of people have had terrible experiences with these supposedly affordable legal services. Many individuals have been forced to plea bargain by their attorneys in order to rush through the system. Others have been misrepresented due to the lack of knowledge and experience of the lawyer. Many people have been disappointed with the court appointed system and may not qualify to receive legal help from clinics.

Quality, well-structured, affordable legal services are hard to come by. In most cases, you get what you pay for when it comes to free legal aid. Often times, those who do not qualify for free aid have to pay high deposits to obtain a private lawyer. can assist you in finding a lawyer without having to pay for costly deposits or suffer through low quality, free representation. offers a network of professional law firms that provide affordable legal services to anyone who needs them. Regardless of the type of service you require, you can work one on one with a qualified and knowledgeable attorney. With this service, you can save money on high priced lawyer expenses by paying a small fee to obtain access to quality attorneys in your area. has access to a vast selection of experienced attorneys. You can hire a lawyer without having to pay a high initial deposit, and you can have unlimited consultations with an attorney in person or by phone. Regardless of the type of legal advice or assistance you need, you can speak to an attorney as many times as needed, and you won’t be charged a fee for each consultation.

By selecting a lawyer through the program, you will receive a number of services. Your lawyer may draw up a legal document that is specifically created to match your personal needs. You may also have previously written documents reviewed and analyzed by your lawyer. You can be represented in court by a board-certified attorney who is knowledgeable on your specific legal issue. You may receive as much as sixty hours of free court time by joining the program. If you simply need legal advice, you can work with an attorney as often as you wish until you are satisfied.

Free legal help is often unsatisfactory, and many people sometimes need more help than legal aid or a court appointed attorney is willing to offer. Many legal aid clinics and court appointed attorneys just cannot provide all the needed legal services a person may need regarding their situation. With, you can receive the personal focus that you desire from a qualified attorney. Regardless of the type of assistance you need, you can easily resolve your legal issues quickly and with confidence.

What Does A Litigation Attorney Do, Anyway

A litigation attorney is most simply an attorney who specializes in litigation. Litigation is basically just a fancy legal term for the practice of carrying a lawsuit through the court process. While some attorneys prefer to handle settlements and some lawyers practice criminal law, for the most part, litigation attorneys focus exclusively on lawsuits. After all, lawsuits are what litigation is all about.

The Different Types Of Litigation Practices Are Practically Unlimited.

Just as the different types of injuries, remedies, and legal issues cover an immensely endless variety of situations, the same goes for litigation – the different kinds of legal cases where litigation is practiced are practically unlimited. While one litigation attorney might focus on one specialty or niche type of litigation, other litigation attorneys will practice more generalized litigation, covering all kinds of lawsuits.

Litigation Attorneys Usually Cover Personal Injury Cases.

Because major personal or toxic injury cases, such as those involving benzene exposure or other workplace hazards, are so incredibly complex, a litigation attorney or even a team of litigation attorneys usually cover such large lawsuits. A general practice attorney, like the one you might turn to in order to update a will or fight a traffic ticket, just doesn’t have the experience or level of specialization needed when it comes to major lawsuits like an expert litigation attorney will. Practicing law is not a one size fits all endeavor – there are simply different attorneys for different situations.
Litigation Is Often Very Detail Oriented.

It’s not unusual for a litigation attorney to file suit against dozens of companies or parties just as a part of one single legal case. Litigation is often extremely detail oriented. Because of this, it’s normal for litigation attorneys to have a team of co-attorneys and many qualified non-attorney staff members too, especially when trying a large scale lawsuit. Because of the sheer complexity and expense involved, this type of litigation is most often reserved for only the biggest legal cases. It’s not unusual for the smaller legal cases to be settled out of court.

Litigation Takes A Long Period Of Time.

Very rarely does the litigation process go quickly. It’s not that litigation attorneys don’t want to expedite the process as much as possible – it’s just that there are an unbelievable number of details and legal procedures that have to be followed in any type of litigation. Court systems and their rules also introduce their own level of bureaucracy that only extends the amount of time needed for litigation attorneys to cover all the bases necessary.

Again, litigation is a very complicated process. While it might sound simple to simply carry a lawsuit through the court process, every experienced litigation attorney knows that this is just not the case at all!

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