Personal Injury Lawyer

3. What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?


All attorneys, be they personal injury lawyer Chicago or in other key cities, play the
same role in every case. Generally, they provide legal representation to people who
claim that they have been injured psychologically or physically because of the
wrongdoing or negligence of the other party. This other party can be a person, a
government agency, company, or any other entity.

personal-injury-lawyerThe personal injury lawyer must specialize in the area of tort law. This includes civil
wrongs, economic, and the non-economic damages to the reputation, rights, property, and
the person. It’s also worth noting that attorneys must specialize in their state. A
personal injury lawyer Chicago is the better person for the job when it comes to cases
that happened in Illinois. The same goes for other key cities or states.


There are far more specific kinds of lawyers. For example, a personal injury lawyer
Chicago can specialize on work injuries or automobile accidents. Others, however, will
be more familiar with medical mistakes, defective products, and slip accidents. So when
looking for a personal injury lawyer, also take into consideration his expertise and
make sure that it falls within your needs.

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