personal injury lawyer kansas city

personal injury lawyer kansas city

personal injury lawyer kansas city

personal injury lawyer kansas city
personal injury lawyer kansas city

A Legacy – Legal Examiner

A Legacy
Legal Examiner
The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation's Legacy award is presented to an individual who, by extraordinary effort, demonstrates a unique dedication to the principles of liberty and justice by virtue of professional service, community service

Lawyers sending out text messages to try and get work – Kansas City Star

Lawyers sending out text messages to try and get work
Kansas City Star
Atkinson said the Bar is controlled by elite, moneyed lawyers who look askance at what they consider their lesser brethren, such as personal injury and criminal defense lawyers, who stand to benefit the most from more liberal rules for soliciting clients.

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GM to pay $575M to settle ignition switch lawsuits – Kansas City Star

GM to pay $575M to settle ignition switch lawsuits
Kansas City Star
The company on Thursday said it reached a deal with Texas personal injury lawyer Bob Hilliard to settle 1,385 death and injury cases that he filed over crashes caused by the switches. The money also will be used to settle a 2014 class-action lawsuit

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Virginia Study Links Teen Accidents With Early School Start Times

Car crashes are the number one killer of teens in the US, and a new study presented at the American Academy of Sleep Societies suggests an early school day may lead to an increased number of teenage car accidents. Any new insights into this terrible epidemic could save thousands of teenage lives every year.

The study in question compared the 2008 crash rates of high school students in two adjacent Virginia towns. The author of the study was Dr. Robert Vorona, an associate professor of internal medicine in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA.

Dr. Vorona relied on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for data on the accident rates among drivers aged 16 to 18 in the two towns. The two Virginia towns, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, have similar demographics but start high school an hour and twenty minutes apart, 7:20 am and 8:40 am respectively. The study found that Virginia Beach, with its 7:20 am start time, had 65.4 crashes per 1,000 teen drivers compared to Chesapeake’s, with its 8:40 am start time, 46.2 crashes per 1,000 teens. These figures equate out to a 41% difference in teen driver crashes.

Dr. Vorona will not outright make a direct correlation between teenage car crashes and early high school start times. He is quoted as saying, “This study did not prove by any means that early high school start times led to increased rates of car crashes. Instead, it shows an association between early risers and car crashes.”

Dr. Vorona does however believe that when combined with other research, he suggests pushing for later start times, and goes onto to say that, “Early high school start times are problematic.” Speaking on these later start times, Dr. Vorona goes on to say, “Teenagers need over nine hours sleep a night, and it looks like a large number of teens don’t get sufficient sleep…part of that relates to the time that high schools begin.”

Studies done on teen behavior agree with Dr. Vorona. “There are data that demonstrate that lack of sleep has negative consequences for teens,” he said. “And some data show that younger drivers are more likely to have crashes when they have inadequate sleep.”

A leading Kansas City auto accident attorney and Dr. Barbara Phillips, of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, both agree with Dr. Vorona’s claims. Dr. Phillips believes that teens are “biologically programmed” to become sleepy and wake up later than adults. “They truly can’t help it. They’re just not going to get sleepy at 10 p.m., so it’s hard for them to get the eight to 10 hours of sleep they need to get when they have to catch the 7:30 bus,” she says.

When you combine the lack of sleep with the act of driving, things turn dangerous. “Younger, inexperienced drivers don’t fare well with additional handicaps such as impaired alertness caused by having to get up earlier than is natural for them,” said Dr. Phillips. A leading Kansas City car crash attorney has witnessed first hand the dangerous combination that sleep-deprivation and driving can be.

Much like Dr. Vorona in Virginia, Dr. Phillips co-authored a study comparing car crash rates and the sleep of teen drivers. Hers in 1998 compared the crash rates for teens in Lexington, Kentucky after the school district instituted a later school start with the previous two years before the change in start time. The results of the study were conclusive; crash rates declined 16.5% in a period where teenage crash rates actually increased in the state of Kentucky by 7.8%.

Perhaps more states should listen to the research of Dr. Vorona and Dr. Phillips as well as the observations of Kansas City car crash attorneys and Kansas City auto accident attorneys everywhere and move high school start times back. The argument against doing so is that early start times allow for after school sports; there has to be a compromise because the world cannot afford to lose one more teenager to a car crash before their time.

What You Need To Know About Importance Of Appeals Attorney …

Kansas City is one of the strictest judicial systems for crimes that other states will fall under the category of simple felonies that do not deserve a criminal charge. You can be liable for a jail term for a crime such as driving with faulty brakes which in other systems earns you just a mere ticket. In addition, crimes such as reckless driving which have hidden penalties often catch the citizens unaware and leave them to their demise as law abiding citizens. Therefore to avoid jail term and a criminal record you will be required to hire an experienced appeals attorney Kansas City.

Hiring a legal counsel who practices law in the area is advantageous as opposed to hiring one from outside the town. This is recommended because of familiarity with the law that governs the state. The former has a slight advantage because he or she knows the law by hand and the loopholes in which the prosecutor may use against you as his client. The lawyer also has the arsenal and a greater chance to prove your innocence or negotiate for a lighter penalty.

When facing a trial an individual will have to have, arrested and asked some questions. If one is not aware of his rights during the court proceeding, his right may be violated and therefore jeopardizing his chances of being set free. These are the situation when a lawyer becomes important.

Misdemeanors, Penalties or serious offenses that are accountable to more than one in jail make profound changes to your relatives and to you as a person. An offense record can decrease you chances of getting a job. For that reason, to save yourself from detention or the aftermath of a jail sentence, you should select a lawyer.

Aside from choosing an attorney from town, it is also of greater advantage if you are advised or represented by a lawyer who has had prior experience of defending similar cases. As members of both the federal and state justice systems in the area, a legal representative has the knowledge of what he or she needs to prove your innocence. With no cost at all as most lawyers offer consultation for free, prior legal knowledge will help you know how to protect yourself.

Taking advantage of a legal representative is a wise decision. The legal counsel is in a better position to give guidance to family member or your associates regarding you case and the chances of winning it. If the accused is the bread winner of the family, and he is found guilty this will affect the family. To prevent this from happening it is good to hire a lawyer.

When employing a legal counsel, you are advised to hire one who is trustworthy. This is for the reason that you will have to tell him the whole truth. You must also hire a lawyer who you are comfortable working with.

Having appeals attorney Kansas City will enhance your chances of being acquitted. This is because he will appeal the case on your behalf and make sure that you are cleared of any wrong doing. These are just but some of the advantages of a legal counsel.

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