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San Francisco birth lawyer
San Francisco birth lawyer

Birth Injury Lawyers Can Help You Determine Of Your Child’s …

Examples of common birth injuries resulting from malpractice range from brain injury that may result in impaired or delayed motor development or intellectual disability through to Erbs palsy and other brachial plexus injury. For a more complete discussion of the full range of birth injuries, their causes, and the obstetrical malpractice lawyer’s strategies for discovering the physician’s or hospital staff’s culpability in causing the injuries, please consider our a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/2095341’);” href= Malpractice Lawyers and Birth Injury Attorneys/a page. Here we will discuss brain injuries which may not become apparent to parents immediately at birth, indeed commonly not resulting in parental concern until the baby fails to meet his or her expected milestones and in cases of mild intellectual disability may not be diagnosed until the child enters school. Brain injuries sustained at birth may be due to a number of causes, including oxygen deprivation, hypoxia, anoxia, or traumatic brain injury. There are a number of failures of hospital staff and obstetricians which can lead to brain injury. The hospital staff may not properly or timely apply fetal monitoring or fail to properly assess fetal distress, or they may fail to act sufficiently quickly to alert the mother’s obstetrician or the appropriate specialists to deliver the baby by cesarean section before the baby sustains brain damage. The obstetrician may fail to recognize fetal distress or delay delivery including by cesarean section to assure that the baby’s brain is not deprived of oxygen.

There are a number of ways that an appropriately qualified birth injury attorney and hospital and obstetrical malpractice lawyer can help to discover whether the hospital staff or obstetrician complied with the applicable standards of care. Obtaining the fetal monitor strips – the recordings of the of the baby’s heart beat in utero – may provide obvious evidence that the hospital staff or obstetrician failed to recognize or appropriately act to deliver the baby before it had sustained brain damage. The obstetrician sometimes will cause a traumatic brain injury during the delivery by his or her negligence in pulling the baby’s head out of the birth canal manually or with forceps. The consequences of the brain damage thus inflicted are many, depending upon the aspects of the brain which are injured. Where the fetus suffers hypoxia, the baby may be born “blue,” and have other indicators of hypoxia leading to a low APGAR score, which can also serve as important evidence of the precipitating cause of the baby’s brain damage and the hospital staff’s or obstetrician’s negligence. If the baby’s head is grossly misshapen following delivery this may also be an indicator that brain damage resulting from a traumatic brain injury sustained at delivery. Often testing will be done, such as CT or MRI scans, which will also provide evidence of brain hemorrhage indicative of traumatic brain injury sustained at delivery. The parents may not be aware of magnitude or the significance of the duration of their baby’s fetal distress or their baby’s APGAR scores, and traumatic brain injury may not be obvious to them as their physicians explain the their baby’s initially misshapen head as normal. But the evidence will remain in the hospital charts, in the fetal monitor recordings, in the APGAR scores, the nurses notes, the physicians notes, the records of the results of MRI or CT scans and other tests. It is for this reason that it is important when the parents discover that their baby is brain damaged, or diagnosed with cerebral palsy or mild, moderate or profound mental retardation, that they obtain a consultation from a qualified birth injury attorney and hospital and obstetrical malpractice lawyer.

If upon review of the facts the California birth injury lawyer is suspicious that the baby’s brain damage may have resulted from hospital negligence or obstetrical malpractice, then with the parents agreement and written authorization, he will obtain the medical records and have them reviewed by an appropriately qualified medical specialist. In most cases this is the only way to confidently determine whether a baby’s brain injury may have resulted from the negligence of the involved health care professionals.

Brain injury occurring at birth may manifest in the baby in a number of ways which may be obvious soon after birth or may only become obvious to the parents and even their physicians much later, as baby fails to develop as the parents monitor the baby’s progress in achieving expected milestones. The baby may have seizures within the first 24 hours after birth, or may not, or may evidence poor sucking, poor muscle strength, or blue colored skin, which are immediate indicators of possible brain damage; or the baby may suffer deficiencies in motor development, often the result of Cerebral Palsy; or the baby may only later be diagnosed as intellectually disabled. Parents whose baby suffers these symptoms or diagnoses indicative of brain damage should want to find out the cause, and that is where the birth injury lawyer and obstetrical malpractice attorney can be of aid.

Ray Henke, Esq. a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/2095341’);” href=http://serious-injury-attorneys.comObstetrical Malpractice Lawyer and Birth Injury Attorney/a

The California Highway Patrol: History, Duties, Traditions and Ranks

The California Highway Patrol is part of the police system in the state of California. The patrol acts as the state police in California and has patrolling jurisdiction over the entire state.

History of the CHP

The California Highway Patrol was created by the California State Legislature in 1929. The patrol was originally part of the Division of Motor Vehicles within the Department of Public Works. In 1947 the CHP was made a separate department by Governor Earl Warren. Over the years the department assumed more responsibilities within the state and in 1995 joined with the California State Police. Currently, the California Highway Patrol is the largest police agency within the United States. Currently there are over 11,000 employees in the department, of those employees 7500 are sworn in as officers.

Duties of the Highway Patrol of California

The CHP has jurisdiction over the entire state; this includes all of the highways, expressways, freeways, and interstates. While most cities and towns have local departments that deal with enforcing traffic laws in their areas, the CHP has the power to enforce traffic laws on any public road in the entire state of California. The primary mission of the CHP is traffic laws. However, a CHP officer has the full authority of law enforcement and can enforce any state law at any place within the state.

Officers of the CHP are primarily responsible for enforcing laws on the roads, such as speeding, reckless driving, etc. The officers also have the responsibility of investigating accidents. In addition, any debris, dead animals, or other types of impediments on the road that may disrupt traffic are the responsibility of the CHP officers. Typically a California Highway patrolman is the first to respond to the scene of an accident and then will summon the proper authorities such as firefighters, paramedics, and tow trucks.

The department also has several special responsibilities as well. These include publishing data on traffic accidents that happen in the state, securing potential terrorist targets, and maintaining a SWAT team. There are also CHP officers that work in the drug task force as well as other criminal investigation forces.

Traditions and Ranks

To begin a career in the CHP an individual starts out as a cadet and then becomes an officer. The next rank up the ladder is Sergeant, then Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, Chief, Assistant Commissioner, and Commissioner. A commissioner is represented with 5 stars on his/her uniform.

The typical uniform of the CHP is khaki colored. The hat is a campaign hat with a gold and blue trouser stripe. Dress uniforms have a green jacket and a blue tie. The cars that are driven by the CHP are required to have a white door with a star and CHP written on it.

There are several traditions of the CHP including a system of radio codes that is used throughout local agencies. The 11-99 foundation was founded in 1981 to provide scholarships and other benefits to the families of officers.

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