Mistakes that can Jeopardize a Case without a Good San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer
personal injury lawyer

When you are injured in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, you may decide to file an insurance claim—or you may need to take significant legal action to pursue the full compensation you need for a serious injury.  But in the time immediately following an accident—whether it is an auto vehicle accident, a slip and fall on a wet grocery store floor, or even medical malpractice—you cannot rely on your constitutional rights to ensure proper handling of the situation to protect your case.  You are on your own.

Everyone should know what to do to avoid errors that can harm the ability to pursue full and fair compensation for a California personal injury claim.

Avoid these common errors

Auto accidents are the most common types of personal injury cases in California, yet many individuals make the following mistakes, which are applicable to virtually any type of accidental injury:

  • Admitting fault. Aside from checking for injuries, exchanging information, and handling any other matters of business, you should avoid conversations with anyone—drivers or witnesses—at the accident scene.  Any statement you make can be interpreted as admission of fault, which can potentially eliminate your ability to collect the compensation you deserve.  Even in discussions with police, watch what you say.
  • Counting on your memory for the details. No matter where you are or what you are doing, pen and paper should always be nearby.  You need to obtain contact and insurance information from everyone involved in a car accident, contact information for all witnesses, and your observations about what happened before and during the accident, as well as any statements you heard after the fact.
  • Discarding evidence. Do not pre-judge what may be important to your case.  Most people know they should not get auto repairs until they receive an insurance settlement offer—but they may toss bloody clothing after a dog bite, or even packaging and documentation from a power tool that caused injury.  Let your attorney decide what is important it is their job to help you with your San Jose personal injury.
  • Taking a do-it-yourself approach. In many cases, an initial consultation with a California personal injury attorney is free, so it makes sense to seek advice before you call in an insurance claim or attempt to take any legal action.  A personal injury lawyer in California can advise you on how to handle your own insurance claim properly—and attorneys can tell you when you need to pursue an out-of-court settlement or take your case before a jury.

Contact an experienced San Jose personal injury law firm as soon as possible after an accident
Obtaining medical attention for your injuries is always your first priority.  But seek legal advice as soon as possible.  The San Jose personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Fernando V. Hernandez  are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to each of our clients.  Contact us today to find out how the firm can assist in your situation.  Most initial consultations are without obligation.  Se habla español.

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Divorce is a very intricate matter and requires help and assistance of a divorce lawyer San Jose. The decision of dissolution of a marriage or a divorce is to obtain legal separation and also have child custody if they have children. Separation or divorce create stress and is often followed by life’s events like job changes, financial adjustments, relocation and division of property. Divorce attorney will be able to take the right decision and help in settling on a fair settlement process after divorce.  There are family law firms where divorce lawyers and attorneys comprehend the divorce cases totally and also help clients in the separation process. There is profound stress and emotional outburst when a person files for a divorce for different reasons. The divorce lawyers understand that divorce is not easy and when a client is asking for a divorce there’s something really severe that is encouraging them to file for a divorce. The divorce attorneys work diligently for clients seeking divorce and also resolve the separation process and bring happiness in the lives.

The divorce attorneys in San Jose are equally not created. They are available throughout the city to help people in need. They solve legal problems related to divorce and also financial problems associated with divorce in the most efficient manner. The divorce lawyers provide a sound analysis of the situation that a client is surrounded with while seeking divorce and then tailor the situation or case for filing for a divorce. The lawyers will stand by their client’s throughout and will not leave them in between and be the best negotiator during the divorce time. Family laws are generally very complex and demand a skilled negotiator to get quick results so that people are happy back in lives.

Divorce or separation is too difficult especially when differences increase and a partner cannot live with another. The law offices or firms have skilful divorce lawyer San Jose who are legal negotiators, and will help in obtaining reasonable settlements than uncertain and costly trial proceedings. People who are contemplating divorce should seek help form a lawyer instead of fighting alone as the legal procedures can be expensive and hard to comprehend. The lawyers talk to the clients in detail and will also try resolving matter if it can settle without proceeding for a divorce. A combination of skill, experience and knowledge in family law is something to see for in a divorce attorney.

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