Car Wreck Attorney

Car Wreck Attorney

Car Wreck Attorney

Bloomingdale crash leaves one person dead, another seriously injured – Chicago Daily Herald

“Village of Bartlett officials and staff were stunned and upset by the news of the car accident yesterday, which resulted in serious injury to our longtime village car wreck attorney Bryan Mraz and claimed the life of his beloved wife Jill,” Mayor Kevin Wallace

Woman driving in fatal Las Vegas reckless driving crash gets probation – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Four of the children were Carrion’s, while two were her sister’s. When Carrion picked up her two nieces, she placed the youngest four in car seats. Carrion is a single mother with no criminal history, her are licensed car wreck attorney that help process and settle legal issue if you encountered car accident .Carrion did not have a valid

David Griem hired to represent teenager injured in Stony Creek crash – The Macomb Daily

Attorney David Griem has been retained to represent Gregory Bobchick Jr., who is charged with the misdemeanor offenses of allowing an intoxicated person to drive a vehicle and minor in possession in connection with the May 8 crash that killed three

How to Represent Yourself in an Injury Case

Personal Injury and AccidentsOK, you have been in a car wreck, and find yourself heading to the hospital for treatment.  The other driver came out of nowhere and smashed right into you.  After several hours at the emergency room, you finally are sent home to rest and recuperate.  You are facing some missed time from work, a painful recovery, and who knows how much more in medical bills.  The best advice is to go see a personal injury lawyer as soon as you possibly can.  Consultations are usually free, and you will learn about your rights and real legal advice  An injury attorney can also give you at least an ballpark idea of the value of your case.  Still want to go it alone?  If you are one of the many Americans who are going to represent themselves no matter what, then you need to understand a few basics about preparing and presenting your claim to the insurance company.

  1. Set up a Claim.  In all likelihood you will be contacted by the at fault driver’s insurance company within 24-48 hours.  If you have not been contacted, you need to file your claim. You can do this online with many companies, or call the claims line.  You should have been provided an insurance exchange form by the officer who investigated the accident.  Do not give any details about the accident or your injuries.  If they press, tell them you are meeting with your attorney and they will be in touch.
  2. Obtain a Copy of the Accident Report.  After a few days the accident report prepared the police officer or patrolman will be available.  You can obtain these online as well.  In some jurisdictions you will have  to travel to the police department and get it yourself.
  3. Photograph Everything.  You are going to need pictures of your damaged car, injuries, the other car if possible, and the area of the accident.  If your airbag deployed, photograph it.  If you have visibile injuries, take plenty of pictures and continue to do so until you recover.  For serious injuries, videos and daily life  compositions are useful.
  4. Complete Treatment.  Complete all of your medical treatment including follow ups, testing and physical therapy.  Just because it seems to be getting better does not mean you are fully recovered or you will not require future treatment.  The insurance company is only going to consider medical bills incurred in most cases unless you really know what you are doing. Journal your recovery, keeping notes of how you feel, pain levels, and level of activity.  You will not be giving your journal to the adjuster, but it can help you later on.
  5. Order Complete Medical and Billing Records. When you have fully recovered, you will need all of your medical bills and records directly from the providers.  As the actual patient, you should be able to order these and pick them or have them sent to you.  You will need records at at least as far back as the date of the accident, and if the insurance company sees any possibility that they can wiggle out of liability with a reference to a pre-existing medical issue, then they will seek more records going further back.I do not reccomend signing any power of attorney or blanket authorization allowing the insurance company to gather your entire medical history.  Most companies will send you one and ask you to sign it.
  6. What to Send.  Make copies of all medical records, bills, photos and lost wage information for the insurance adjuster.  Include a few of the most impressive photos of your injuries and vehicle.  Also include the accident report.  Other items may be needed depending on the situation.  At a minimum, you will need all of the records, bills, accident report, and any photographs you want the adjuster to see.  Neatly organize and arrange the information.  Prepare a letter with the basics of the accident and note the enclosure of the complete records and photogtraphs.  Take great care in the wording and use the doctors diagnosis in any description of your injuries.  The adjuster is not going to be impressed with any explanations or arguments about your case or injuries.  Keep to the facts..  Do not make an offer to settle.  Let the adjuster do that first.
  7. Know the Statute of Limitiations.  The law limits how long you have to file a claim for personal injury. The Statute of Limitations for most injury claims in North Carolina is three years from the date of the injury/accident, but each state is different and each claim is different.  Do not wait until the last minute to decide you cannot settle and see an attorney.
  8. What to Expect.  Usually you will hear something from the adjuster within about 90 days.  It will either be an offer, a request for more medical records, or a denial of liability.  If you do not hear anything in 90 days, follow up with a call and then a simple follow up letter.
  9. After the Offer. Now that you have an offer, you have to either accept, decline, or counter(which is a decline as well).  Start higher than you are willing to take, as the adjuster will negotiate downward from any number you suggest.   If, after months of haggling and waiting, the insurance company will only offer to pay your medical bills plus a small tip for your trouble, you will have to speak with a personal injury attorney. if you want a fair settlement.

The insurance company knows that you are probably not going to effectively file a personal injury lawsuit and take the case to court on your own.  The mere fact that you have not taken the matter seriously enough to have representation tells them that you are ready to settle fast and for less.  If you claim is small, and you simply want you medical bills paid, then you may want to try to settle your claim by yourself.  If you sustained real injuries then you really need to consider getting a professional on the job.

*This guide is for informational purposes only, and is in no way intended to be legal advice or to create an attorney client relationship between the author and reader.

Glenn S. Doyle
Raleigh Personal Injury Attorney

The Most Important Thing to do After an Auto Accident

Having worked over 10 years as a car accident attorney, I have found that one of the most important things my clients can do after an auto accident is to get the medical help that they need. Whether it is because of costs, or because the client thinks they can get through their injuries without medical attention, many people stop seeking care after they are released from the emergency room. Even though I understand the rationale to do this under certain circumstances, it is critical for people to know how important follow-up care is to their health and car accident claim. Without seeking further medical health, you are essentially telling a jury that you really aren’t as injured as you say you are. After a serious auto accident, you can get in touch with an experienced injury attorney to help you with your case. Once you have an attorney to represent you, there is a better chance that a doctor will see you even if you do not have the financial resources to normally see one. You may need to see a specialist for a specific injury as well. Here are the most typical types of doctors that accident victims see:

Neurologist: Neurologists concentrate on the human nervous system. This consists of the brain, spinal cord, and muscles. Brain and spinal cord injuries are sometimes a result of car accidents, and may be life altering for those who suffer them. The chance of recovery can be improved as neurologists test the patient and determine the best course of action.

Orthopedist: Orthopedists deal with bones and joints. As you would expect, in critical car accidents, bones are very susceptible to being broken through extreme force. Even if your injuries are not obvious, it is still a wise decision to see an orthopedist if you are going through pain or soreness in your bones or joints. Occasionally these less painful injuries can transform into bigger issues in the future if they are not properly cared for.

Psychiatrist: Psychiatrists are frequently overlooked by people who have been hit in a car accident, but the emotional trauma an accident can cause may call for somebody to see one. If you have sustained emotional damages due to a car crash, it is crucial to indicate that you are attempting to overcome it by seeing a psychiatrist. The anxieties and memories that can haunt somebody who has been in a motor vehicle accident may be tough to conquer, but by seeing a psychiatrist, you are taking the initial step on the road to recuperation.

Chiropractor: Chiropractors are very helpful in helping people heal from deep tissue injuries which could occasionally be overlooked by other physicians. Seeing a chiropractor can work towards alleviating a lot of pain that results from a car accident. If you think that your injury deserves chiropractic attention, then you should see a chiropractor immediately.

Along with this list, there are a lot more medical specialists out there that could be of great help to a person who has been in a car accident. Part of the reason it is so crucial to follow-up with your doctor is that he or she can tell you what kind of specialist you should see for your specific injury.

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