Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale
Here where you can find  a personal injury attorney fort lauderdale:

Stephen W. Morse, II, Esq., Personal Injury Attorney
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Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
+1 954-560-3063
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Law Offices of Joseph R Dawson P.A.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
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Law Office of Andrew Winston
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Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
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Five South Florida Attorneys Suspended, Three Reprimanded – Daily Business Review (registration)

South Florida Business Journal (blog)

Five South Florida Attorneys Suspended, Three Reprimanded
Daily Business Review (registration)
He was one of five personal injury protection attorneys charged in a case that ended with the ouster of Broward Circuit Judge Laura Watson. Marks was accused of secretly negotiating the settlement with Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. before Watson …
Attorney discipline: 8 punished in South Florida South Florida Business Journal (blog)all 2 news articles »

Arizona officials investigate 9 vehicle shootings – 7Online WSVN-TV

Arizona officials investigate 9 vehicle shootings
7Online WSVN-TV
PHOENIX (AP) – Arizona authorities are investigating nine shootings of vehicles over the past two weeks on Phoenix-area freeways, heightening fears among law enforcement and drivers about whether a serial shooter is in their midst. … On Tuesday, a

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Florida Supreme Court disciplines 24 attorneys – Jacksonville Daily Record

Florida Supreme Court disciplines 24 attorneys
Jacksonville Daily Record
Beginning in 2001, Marks’ firm and two other firms pooled their resources to provide joint seminars to solicit healthcare providers as clients for the purpose of representing them in personal injury attorney fort lauderdale protection claims against insurance companies. Those


Types Of Accidents Entitle You For Personal Injury Claims

Imagine how it feels to live a compromised life because of someone else’s mistake! Personal injury and accidents are results of others’ negligence and casual attitude. That said, Florida laws allow residents claim compensation for personal injury and other damages and the entity at the other side must pay it.

Types of accidents that cause personal injury:

Accident at work: It is the responsibility of employer to ensure that the workplace is safe and employees are protected from all kinds of hazards. Even when an employee falls ill due to exposure to a particular raw material used in the workplace, the employer is held responsible for this. Besides, any other type of accident from machineries, power supply, construction work etc. symbolizes negligence on the part of the employer.

If the accident at work compels you to discontinue in work, you suffer from huge financial problem. Moreover, the employer may also terminate your employment because of inability to work. The only solution is to seek advice from employment solicitor. Consulting local lawyer may be more helpful. Florida consumers should consult Florida lawyers to get the best output.

Accident at leisure: Accidents can come anytime even when you are at leisure. You can meet accident while traveling by boat, visiting a place, having lunch at restaurants and alike. Most of the time accidents occur because of the owner’s fault. Incomplete construction work, water leakage, poorly maintained commercial premises etc. often cause injuries to the visitors.

Such accidents are blatant proof of others’ negligence and you should always file personal injury claim and get the money for you losses.

Road accident: Apart from car accidents or motorcycle accidents, people can suffer from some other types of road accidents led by imperfect construction of pavements and roads, inadequate street lights, holes on the road, rods protruding from underground constructions etc. These often result in accidents as severe as bone fracture.
It is unquestionable that such accidents can never happen if concerned authorities are responsible enough to maintain the roads and pavements. Injured persons can always demand compensation for the damages. Claimants should visit senior local lawyers to increase the chances of success in such cases.

Slip and fall: This is a very serious type of accident and can occur anywhere. People can trip or slip and fall on oily floors, over the staircases, on icy surfaces etc. Slip and fall type of accident can occur anywhere – in shopping malls, markets, multiplex, parking places, airport and the list can go on endlessly.

It is always advised to seek legal help immediately after such accident occurs. Florida residents should visit Florida attorneys for legal consultation as senior solicitors of Florida have better understanding of Florida personal injury laws. Hence, Florida attorneys can help you win your personal injury claim.

Car accident: Most common type of accident is car accident. What makes car accident so frightening is its severity. Hundreds of people in Florida die in car accidents every year. Those who survive suffer serious health problems and financial crunch. Inability to continue in work stops earning; if the car gets damaged you need to pay a lot for repairing too.

Consulting a car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney fort lauderdale soon after occurrence of the accident helps you receive right compensation for personal injury. Specialized solicitors can help you win personal injury claims and help you get back on the track.

Do all personal injury cases involve physical injury?

The short answer to this question is no, not all personal injury cases are physical in nature.  Personal injuries can also be financial and psychological.

This article explains the different types of personal injuries and what you should do if you become injured.  Remember that every injury case is unique and that you should always consult with your lawyer for the steps to take during the legal process.

Types of Personal Injuries

Physical injuries that are caused by a deliberate act or negligence are personal injuries.  Physical injuries can cause you short-term or long-term problems, financial setback, and the inability to work.  Physical injuries include, but are not limited to head and neck trauma, brain and spinal cord injury, birth injury, wounds, and broken bones.  Physical injuries can also cause the death of your loved one.

Injuries that do not involve a physical condition are financial and psychological ones.  Financial injuries at the hands of an unsavory stock broker or real estate broker include fraud and professional malpractice.  If you have lost your life savings by a fraudulent act, the results can be devastating to you and your family.

Psychological injuries occur to victims of abuse or neglect.  For example, the elderly or a victim of domestic violence may be threatened, manipulated, coerced, yelled at, or tricked.  Psychological injuries cause emotional scars that are no less painful to overcome than physical injuries.

Injuries of any type should be reviewed by a qualified attorney who can file a lawsuit for damages on your behalf.  You can be compensated for pain and suffering, medical and other expenses, property damage, and time away from work.  If an immediate family has died a wrongful death, you can file for additional damages such as loss of love, companionship, service; and funeral or burial expenses.

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