Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Il

Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Il

personal injury lawyer chicago il

personal injury lawyer chicago il

personal injury lawyer chicago il
personal injury lawyer chicago il

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Daniel M. Kotin Elected to the American Board … – Benzinga


Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Daniel M. Kotin Elected to the American Board
The law firm of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC is located in Chicago, Illinois. The experienced and compassionate attorneys at TKK are dedicated to obtaining justice for personal injury victims and their families. The firm’s success has been recognized and more »


Sweet: Cellphone video sparks sex probe of Chicago air marshals – Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

Sweet: Cellphone video sparks sex probe of Chicago air marshals
Chicago Sun-Times
WASHINGTON — Two Chicago-based air marshals are at the center of a spicy sex scandal involving prostitution, and another one is in trouble for possibly faking a workers’ compensation claim. … on the job. Another agent showed investigators video of and more »


Opinion: State’s attorney yet to apologize for Koschman case – Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

Opinion: State’s attorney yet to apologize for Koschman case
Chicago Sun-Times
The state’s attorney’s prepared statement might have included an apology for the role her office played for repeatedly not pursuing for years the truth that David was the victim of a criminal assault by R. J. Vanecko, a member of the politically  



Not Every Liability Case Is Straightforward, Consider Auto Accident …

Automobile accident cases involving personal injury can be complex, making it important to choose personal injury representation by an experienced Auto Accident Attorney Chicago. Illinois liability questions are not always as straightforward as they may initially seem. If the at fault driver was drinking or if the accident involved an employee in a company vehicle, for example, liability could extend beyond the driver. These sorts of situations need to be discussed with an attorney skilled with the legal intricacies of auto accident injury cases, especially if severe injuries and long-term physical damage resulted.

Illinois Dram Shop Act

In cases of personal injury resulting from an auto accident in which a drunk driver was at fault, liability may extend beyond the driver to include the establishment that served the driver alcohol to the point of intoxication. The Illinois Dram Shop Act, as explained by the Illinois State Circuit Court, permits those that have suffered injury, property damage, loss of society, or have had their ability to make a living impacted by a drunk driver to seek redress through the courts against the owner of the business that served the driver the alcohol.

The amount of money that the owner or operator of an establishment that serves alcohol can be liable for in such situations does have a dollar limit. Each year, the State of Illinois Comptroller is required by law to set that liability limit, guided by the consumer price index of the past year. Current liability limits range between $64,057.00 and $78,291.89, depending on the specifics of the accident, damages, and law suit.

Employer Liability and Illinois Respondeat Superior
When personal injury results from an auto accident with a driver in a company vehicle or an employee engaged in a work-related task, liability may extend to the employer. When an employer hires a person that is going to be driving as all or part of his work, that employer has certain responsibilities under the law to ensure public safety.

Employers are expected to perform driving record checks, making sure that a person hired to drive a company vehicle doesn’t have, for example, multiple DWIs on his record, as that can indicate an unsafe driver. Failure to do so can give rise to a negligent entrustment claim or similar employee liability suit. Respondeat Superior is quite similar in nature, though there are subtle legal differences. In order for the employer to be held accountable, the employee needs to be directly engaged in a task for the employer at the time of the accident.

Don’t Accept A Settlement Offer Without All The Facts

Parties that anticipate substantial liability for an auto accident injury often offer a quick, low-ball settlement. The hope is that the offer will be accepted without consulting a skilled Accident Attorney Illinois and without considering future negative impacts of the injuries, such as years of chronic pain that can interfere with wage earning or result in significant medical costs. Your personal injury case outcome can rest heavily on the skill of your auto accident attorney. Illinois liability laws are there to help you, so make sure you have all the facts before accepting any settlement offer.

Role Of A Chicago Worker Compensation Lawyer In Work Related …

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that almost all employers carry for their employees. This insurance is meant to cover the employee’s expenses and lost wages if they get injured at work or suffer from a job-related illness. Injuries such as broken limbs, back injury, sprains, and cuts which are caused due to an accident are classified as work place accident injuries. Injuries or illness such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and shoulder pains which are caused due to the nature of work or prolonged activities at the work place also fall in the list of work place related injury. Anybody who sustains these types of injuries is entitled to worker’s compensation under Illinois workers compensation act. If you are injured on job, you should be aware of your basic rights. It’s always a safe option to engage services of an experienced Chicago worker’s compensation attorney to get comprehensive information regarding the settlement and claim process. But before you appoint an attorney, it is advisable to report the injury to your manager or supervisor. You will also be required to fill out forms that documents how the injury occurred. Be as detailed as possible because you may forget what happened in the future. It is also important to seek immediate medical attention to treat your injuries along with other legal proceedings.

If you have a complex injury that will take a long time to heal, you need to have a proper financial strategy as you will be out of work during the period of your treatment which will mean a huge loss of wages in addition to the treatment expense. It may also happen that your employer or insurance company defers your claim to minimize their loss. The added stress of financial management will further deteriorate your physical health and lifestyle. An experienced Chicago workers compensation lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation which you deserve and relieve you from the financial stress. They are aware of the laws and will negotiate with your employer or insurance company to ensure you get paid for lost wages, medical expenses, future expenses and your suffering.

If you are not sure whether you have a chance to win the case or not, consult with a Chicago worker compensation attorney. An attorney can evaluate your situation and help you build a case. A competent lawyer will get justice for you and will provide you with expert legal advice and guide you in the right direction. Factors for determining the amount of compensation depends on the nature of the accident or extent of injuries. Generally worker compensation lawyers offer free consultations and some charge the fees only if the case is won. This is known as handling cases on a contingency basis. It is advisable to engage services of a knowledgeable Chicago work injury lawyer regarding the best solution for your case. In case your claim has been denied by your employer or insurer, there is nothing to despair as you can still contact a compensation lawyer

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