Stages of Personal Injury Cases

4. Stages of Personal Injury Cases


You must familiarize yourself with the different stages of personal injury cases
because it’s more likely that you’ll undergo most of them. Here are the common stages
that every personal injury case undergoes:

A. Attorney Meet-up. This is when you will analyze whether the lawyer is the perfect
fit for the job. This can also be the point when you have finally decided the lawyer to
work with and is meeting up with him to plan the strategy for the case.

B. Settlement. Most personal injury cases will never go as far as lawsuit because they
will most likely be resolved in the settlement. It’s when you will negotiate the best
compensation with the other party so that there will be less hassle and expenses from
both parties.

C. Start The Case. At this state, the first court papers have to be processed. Your
personal injury attorney will need to explain to you every step that will be undertaken
in court. This would include Complaints, Answers, and the other motions that will be
involved at the start of the lawsuit.
D. Motions. Almost all personal injury cases are resolved with the Motions to Dismiss.
At this point, the case will not go any further because it is already resolved.


E. Fact-finding And The Discovery. This stage is when you and the opponent will get
data from each other so that facts can be established in the case.

F. Trial.
The real-world trial is not something like you see on TV. Your personal
injury attorney Chicago can help you know what happens in the jury selection, opening
arguments, the witness testimony, the closing arguments, and up to the jury’s verdict.

G. Collecting Money. You are finally victorious and can now collect the money that the
jury deemed necessary for all the pain and suffering.

H. Appeal. This is another chance of the other party to prove their innocence or at
least lower down the compensation required.

There can be a lot of personal injury cases but each of them is unique. The stages can
be lesser or more depending on how complicated it is.

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