Accident Traffic Lawyer

Accident Traffic Lawyer

Traffic Accident Lawyer

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Although school buses are designed to be safer than most passenger cars in avoiding crashes and preventing injury, they are not totally risk free. Riding the bus is not the foremost safety issue. The greatest risk for injury occurs when children are

Trucking Industry Regulations – Amy Witherite Truck Injury Accident Lawyer – Justice News Flash

Are Looser Trucking Industry Regulations Literally Killing Us by Amy Witherite Truck Injury Accident Lawyer? Texas traffic accident lawyer Amy Witherite chimes in on the discussion about the dangers of limiting regulations for truck drivers and companies.

Manhattan personal injury lawyer Reiter: Traffic Accident Deaths Rise – TopWireNews (press release)

Reports say the number of traffic accident fatalities has increased sharply in the first half of 2015. During the first six months of this year, a sharp increase was seen in the number of traffic accident fatalities nationwide, according to reports

Road Traffic Accident Claims – How Can You Claim Compensation?

Road accident is an unfortunate part of the modern life. In the recent years, the numbers of accidents have increased manifolds. In case you got involved in any such unfortunate mishap and you are not at fault then you can ask for road traffic accident claims to compensate for the loss you bear in an accident where you were not at fault.

How to claim compensation

In the recent times, the numbers of accidents on the road has increased because drivers are hard-pressed for time and there are too many vehicles on the road. Claiming compensation and getting it is not easy because of the increased number of cases and unavailability of proper documents. You should know what kinds of compensation you can claim and how you should take your case forward should you wish to have a favorable resolution.

Types of road traffic accident claims

A road traffic accident claim could fall into any of the following categories of claim. You should know which one is applicable for you, and if you are not sure, ask your lawyer for that.

• Accident involving kids
• Accident involving pedestrians
• Accident involving cyclists
• Multi- vehicle crashes
• Whiplash claims
• Public transport claims
• Claims by passengers
• Hit and run cases
• Motorbike claims
• Fatal accidents
• Serious spinal and brain injuries because of accident
• Uninsured driver claims

After gathering this information, you should collect all the documents that you will need to get proper resolution.

Documents you need to furnish

Before you file a road traffic accident claim, you need a traffic accident lawyer and  to have the following document handy. If you do not have these documents, your compensation claim will get delayed. The documents you will need to provide are:

1. Personal details (name and address) of the person (people) responsible for the accident.
2. Insurance details like policy number and insurance company, of the person (people) should be obtained and furnished with claim application.
3. Registration number of the vehicle causing the accident.
4. Information (names and addresses) of people who witnessed the accident, or who has information about it.
5. Name and designation of the police officer who has attended the accident scene. You should also furnish a copy each of all the correspondence that you had with the officer.

You need to provide these documents in order to help your attorney build a strong case. The lawyer will need all the information pertaining to the accident, so give exact account of the accident.


A motorist, by law, has a duty to care for other users of the road, including pedestrians. He is supposed to drive in a manner that his safety as well as safety of other people on the road is not compromised. If something wrong happens, he could be held responsible, and court can even ask the driver involved in the accident to pay for the road traffic accident claims raised by the victim. One should be aware of it, and when caught in such an unfortunate situation, one should consult a road traffic accident claims lawyer.

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