West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

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Five South Florida Attorneys Suspended, Three Reprimanded – Daily Business Review (registration)

South Florida Business Journal (blog)
Five South Florida Attorneys Suspended, Three Reprimanded
Daily Business Review (registration)
He was one of five personal injury protection attorneys charged in a case that ended with the ouster of Broward Circuit Judge Laura Watson. Marks was accused of secretly negotiating the settlement with Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. before Watson
Attorney discipline: 8 punished in South Florida South Florida Business Journal (blog)all 2 news articles »


Jury Awards $8.7M in Fatal School Bus Crash – Daily Business Review (registration)

west palm beach personal injury lawyer

Daily Business Review (registration)

 Jury Awards $8.7M in Fatal School Bus Crash
Daily Business Review (registration)
Two West Palm Beach attorneys won an $8.7 million verdict for the family of a boy who was killed in a school bus accident in St. Lucie County. Nine-year-old Aaron Beauchamp’s turning bus was T-boned by a semitrailer in March 2012, killing him and


Superior Car Accident Lawyers in West Palm Beach, Florida – Digital Journal

Superior Car Accident Lawyers in West Palm Beach, Florida
Digital Journal
Living with an injury after an auto accident isn’t an easy task. From physical therapy to medical bills, your life can become overwhelming quickly. Luckily, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. When you’re injured in an auto accident, turn to our

West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are complicated, expensive, and can have very serious consequences if they are not appropriately addressed. Without the presence of a qualified West Palm Beach car accident attorney, many Floridians have suffered for far too long and did not get the compensation that they needed to address their medical issues. It is important to understand when to hire a lawyer and what questions to ask when hiring an attorney.

Why Hire a Lawyer

Attorneys are not meant for minor accidents where no injuries have occurred.  Those often can be settled directly with the insurance companies. If you have been in a accident involving serious injury or death, then getting in touch with an experienced lawyer is usually the best course of action. If you have been involved in such an accident in Florida, hiring a West Palm Beach car accident attorney can help ensure that you have the legal expertise and protection that you need as you deal with your accident:

  • Ambiguity over who was at fault in the accident
  • Extensive and serious injuries
  • Uninsured or underinsured drivers involved in the accident
  • Urgency surrounding statue of limitations and timing 

Interviewing an Attorney

Many attorneys provide a free initial consultation in which you can discuss your case and decide how to proceed. This is an excellent opportunity to determine if the car accident attorney that you are meeting with is the ideal one for your case. The best lawyers are the ones with the perfect combination of successful experience, sincerity, and personality. This can be assessed during the initial meeting by asking a series of questions, such as:

  • What are your credentials?
  • What were your past successes and failures in similar cases to mine?
  • What do you believe the outcome of my case will be?
  • Do you usually settle cases out of court?

The answers to these questions can be very revealing. The most qualified lawyers will have obtained numerous successful verdicts and settlements in car accident cases like yours. The manner in which they address their thoughts on your case can help you see how invested they will be in your case. This is a terrific opportunity to determine if the attorney is right for you. 

Consult a Lawyer Today

When you’ve been in an accident, many situations could require an experienced attorney. If you want to protect yourself and the people that you care about, a qualified attorney can make all the difference. The West Palm Beach car accident attorneys  at Domnick Shevin PL is available for an initial consultation to discuss your car accident and see what can be done legally. Don’t hesitate to call an attorney today!

west palm beach personal injury lawyer :How Long Will My Car Accident …

Enduring an accident is just plain tragic. Dealing with the aftermath which is often worse is why hiring a personal injury attorney is necessary.

Hiring an injury or accident attorney has a multitude of advantages. The biggest advantage is that employing an accident attorney after a car accident can help provide you with the necessary recovery and funds that are absolutely needed.

Accident attorneys in West Palm Beach are seasoned experts of injury law practice and will put you in the best position to acquire the most compensation. But be wary of your choices: choose a lawyer who only handles injury law cases.  If a lawyer is handling bankruptcy cases, criminal cases, divorce cases, in addition handling injury cases, then you end up with a lawyer who is a jack of all trades…and master of none!

One of the many questions that people have regarding personal injury attorneys in West Palm Beach is “How will long will a case take to settle?”

Brian D. Guralnick, a well-experienced West Palm Beach accident attorney explains that there are a number of factors that determine when a case is usually settled. The first and most crucial element of the process is the client’s health. The most important thing for a client is to receive treatment for whatever damages have been inflicted upon him/her and to regain full health.
“Typically it takes somewhere between five months and a year, but that really depends on the patient and their injury.  At that point the injury lawyer can begin to try to settle the case with the insurance company.  If the case settles at that point, the case is over.  If a settlement is not reached, then the lawyer would have to initiate litigation by filing a lawsuit.  It can take as little as a year to get a case to trial, or if you have a verdict and it’s appealed, then it can be another year or two on appeal.  So there are a variety of factors that are considered in how long a case will take.   Typically it will be six months if an individual has recovered within that time and the case can settle without filing a lawsuit.”

Ideally, most cases get resolved without having to go through a lawsuit. If a lawsuit has to be filed, then the case could be resolved within a year or it could go on appeal, which could be another couple of years.

That’s why it’s crucial for a West Palm Beach resident to choose their appointed accident attorney wisely. Getting into an accident isn’t by choice, but dealing with the aftermath by selecting the right personal injury lawyer is definitely a choice.

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